Alibijaban Island: Paradise In The Heart Of Quezon Province, Philippines

Alibijaban Island is very nice and serene place located in the Quezon Province. If you are looking for a place or a getaway to unwind and relax, this place should definitely be one on your list.

Alibijaban Island is 9 hours away from Manila, so you should leave at your starting point by 10PM or 11PM so that you would arrive at the island by 7-8AM. It’s a long ride so prepare yourselves to be comfortable during the travel.

The island is so beautiful in my opinion, the water is so clear. There’s a friendly community where you can borrow some stuff that you need. Some boatman can also give you a tour around the island or even go to the further part of the sea to swim around.

These are some of the photos I’ve captured during my stay at Alibijaban Island.