Day Hikes Near Manila For Under Php 500.00 Budget

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you enjoy the experience. We’ have been receiving inquiries on where to go hiking with a budget of Php 500.00*, so here’s a list to day hikes near Manila which you will spend a little less than Php 500.00*.

DISCLAIMER: * This budget hikes are possible if you are a group of 5 or more.

1. Mt. Balagbag, Rodriguez, Rizal — 777+ MASL


Famous running route for trail runners, Mt. Balagbag serves a training ground for them with its proximity to Manila and with the challenge it gives to prepare them for their upcoming races.

Mt. Balagbag, standing 777+ masl, is an ideal day hike for beginners due to its wide trail and mild assault. Hikers usually start their trek at the afternoon to witness the beautiful sunset and then camp at the summit overnight. At the morning you’ll get to experience the cool breeze as the warmth of the rising sun touches your body.

How to get to Mt. Balagbag

  • From Cubao, ride a bus going to Tungko.
  • Alight at Jollibee Tungko and the ride a jeep going to Licao-licao
  • From Licao-licao you can already start your hike to the registration or you can opt to ride a trike going to the registration area. I suggest you start your hike at Licao-licao because from the registration area, it is just 20-30 mins away to summit, so enjoy the hike from Licao-licao to summit if I were you.


  • Cubao – Tungko: Php 55.00 (Bus)
  • Tungko – Licao-licao: 27.00 (Jeep)
  • Registration + Other Fee: Php 30.00
  • Optional: Trike from Licao-licao to school: Php 30.00

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2. Mt. Ayaas, Rodriguez, Rizal — 627+ MASL


Mt. Ayaas, standing 627+ masl, is considered as one of the highest peaks in Rodriguez, Rizal, a minor climb ideal for beginners as their first hike.

Main jump off this mountain is in Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal, but our group took the second one which is in Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal. One should start their trek as early as 5AM to avoid the heat of the sun, Mt. Ayaas does not have much trees to cover you up when sun’s heat strikes.

After hiking this mountain, a waterfall side trip can be arranged with you guide. Tell them that you want to swim and chill at the Payaran Falls, where you can also have your lunch. Wawa Dam is also one optional side trip.

How to get to Mt. Ayaas

  • From Cubao, ride a UV Express bound to Eastwood, Montalban. Tell the driver to drop you off the trike terminal going to Brgy. Mascap.
  • From Eastwood, Montalban, ride a trike going to the barangay,


  • Php 100.00 – RT Cubao-Montalban-Cubao (Van)
  • Php 60.00 – RT Montalban-Mascap-Montalban (Trike Php 150.00/5px)
  • Php 30.00 – Registration fee
  • Php 80.00 – Guide fee (400/5)

Contact Persons

  • 0917 9790 477 – Marianito Nicasio
  • 0919 8821 487 – Kuya Mark
  • 0905 6705 943 – Ms. Jessica Francisco
  • 0946 6970 054 – Sir. Jhon Ibay

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3. Mt. Paliparan, Tanay, Rizal — 562+ MASL


Tanay has been making names when it comes to adventure destinations, home of the famous Mt. Daraitan, Tinipak River, Daranak Falls, Mt. Maynoba and so many other hiking destinations and now, just few months ago, a new mountain trails has been opened for hikers, the Mt. Paliparan.

Mt. Paliparan, with an elevation of 562+ MASL resides at the peaceful community of Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal. One can experience the picturesque view of the rock formations, limestone, and a panoramic view of the Laguna de Bay, Pililla Wind Farm, and Mt. Banahaw. It is named paliparan by the Dumagats mainly because it is a venue of a kite-flying competition by their youths. The lush vegetation at trail going to the mountains made the climb more interesting and challenging.

Side trip to Tung Tong Falls is one of the highlights trekking Mt. Paliparan.

How to get to Mt. Paliparan

  • Take jeep to Cogeo from Cubao
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeep going to Brgy. Cuyambay
  • Ride a Habal-habal going to the Barangay Hall


  • Cubao to Cogeo — Php 25.00
  • Cogeo to Cuyambay — Php 48.00
  • Habal-habal to Brgy. Hall — Php 25.00
  • Registration fee — Php 20.00
  • Donation for seedlings — Php 10.00
  • Guide fee — Php 500.00 (Day Hike), Php 800.00 (Overnight) guide ration 1:5

Hiking Notes

Exercise caution when hiking especially at the rocky parts of the mountains as it tends to be slippery on rainy days. Wear gloves if possible, always follow the guides, if they said no, it’s a no. Leave no trace, and listen carefully when they are conducting an orientation at the jump off point. Lastly, enjoy the climb. Be nice to everyone, and respect one another.

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4. Mt. Talamitam, Nasugbu, Batangas — 630+ MASL


One of the easiest hikes in the province of Batangas and is just 3 hours away from Manila. A chill hike recommended for beginners. This easily accessible day hike offers a 360 degree view of the town of Nasugbu and its beautiful landscape.

If you are aiming for a twin hike, this can be paired with Mt. Apayang or Mt. Batulao if you want more of it.

How to get to Mt. Talamitam

  • Ride a bus from Coastal Mall South Bus Terminal going to Nasugbu, Batangas.
  • Tell the conductor to drop you off to Sitio Bayabasan


  • Costal Mall Bus Terminal to Sitio Bayabasan — Php 120.00
  • Guide Fee — Php 300 (You can opt not to hire a guide if you already know the trail.)
  • Registration Fee — Php 40.00
  • Sidetrip to Layong Bilog River
  • Entrance fee – Php 20
  • Shower fee – Php 20

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5. Mt. Romelo, Siniloan, Laguna — 630+ MASL


If you are the type of person who loves waterfalls, you definitely should visit Mt. Romelo. Mt. Romelo, situated in Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna is an adventurer’s choice when it comes to easy chill hiking and its waterfall side trips. There are at least 7 waterfalls that can be found here in this area.

Day hikers can usually visit 3 to 4 waterfalls, starting from Samaploc Falls, Batya-Batya Falls, Buruwisan Falls, then ending it to Lanzones Falls. If you want to visit all 7 waterfalls, it will require you to stay overnight and start trekking to the last 3 waterfalls early morning.

How to get to Mt. Romelo

  • We had our meetup at DLTB Bus Station near LRT Buendia. First trip to Sta. Cruz, Laguna departs at 3:00 AM or whenever the bus gets full. It’s a 3 hour ride from Buendia to Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
  • At Sta. Cruz, Laguna, we ride a jeepney going to Siniloan, Laguna. It’s a 30-minute ride from Sta. Cruz to Siniloan. Tell the driver to drop you off near the Jollibee going to Buruwisan.
  • From Siniloan, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna. Tell the tricycle driver to drop you off the road to Buruwisan Falls. A 15-minute ride going to the jump off of Mt. Romelo.


  • Php 140.00 — Buendia to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (V.V)
  • Php 40.00 — Sta. Cruz, Laguna – Siniloan, Laguna (V.V)
  • Php 20.00/head — Siniloan – Brgy. Macatad  V.V)
  • Php 50.00.00/head — Registration fee
  • Php 600.00/8 (We’re group of 8) — Guide Fee 10:1
  • Php 20.00 — Shower Fee

Things to Remember

  • Where comfortable trekking shoes/sandals and outfit.
  • Practice LNT (Leave No Trace) Principle
  • Bring down your trash
  • In case of limatik encounter, don’t panic. Alcohol spray can easily take it off. Read further information about limatiks.
  • Respect the mountains, the guides, the community, and other hikers, visitors, and mountaineers.

Contact Person

  • You can contact Kuya Teroy if you are planning to go here. 0949 891 2918

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6. Maysawa Circuit, Tanay, Rizal — Mt. Sapari (592+ MASL) and Mt. Binutasan (577+ MASL)

Mt. Sapari
Mt. Sapari

There’s another mountain circuit which has been recently opened to hikers a few months ago which offers a beautiful view of the sea of clouds and a refreshing waterfall sidetrip after descending the mountain.

The Maysawa Circuit features two mountain-hills, the Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan and a creek at the end of the hike. One should register first at the barangay hall of Brgy. Cuyambay, same registration area of Mt. Paliparan. After registration, hikers will go straight to the trailhead, which requires them to ride a vehicle in order to arrive there quickly. As of July 2016, registration area is still at the barangay hall, but they said that they are planning to put a registration area at the start of the trail to the circuit.

At the summit of this mountains, you will be able to see Mt. Batolusong, Mt. Maynoba, and other neighboring mountains along the Sierra Madre mountain range.

How to get to Maysawa Circuit

  • From Cubao, ride a jeep going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeep going to Cuyambay. Brgy. Cuyambay is just 5 mins away from Batangasan and is on the right side of the road.
  • From there, hire a habal-habal going to the Barangay Hall, then after registration, ask them to take you to the trailhead of the Maysawa Circuit


  • Registration: Php 30.00
  • Guide Fee: Php 500 (1:5) Php 1,250.00 Overnight
  • Cubao to Cogeo: Php 25.00
  • Cogeo to Cuyambay: Php 42.00
  • Habal-Habal: Php 50.00

Contact Persons

  • Jeep rental (Rene) – 09127570867
  • Brgy. Cuyambay – 09124795185
  • Brgy. Cuyambay (Rose) – 09093379673
  • Van rental (from Manila) – 09269702947

Hiking Notes

  • Trail can be super muddy and slippery during rainy days. Bring gloves, and wear your most comfortable trekking outfit, and be careful while descending down the two mountains.
  • For you to witness the sea of clouds, I suggest that you go there via private vehicle and leave as early as 2AM from your meeting point.
  • There are few limatiks along the trail, so brace yourselves for a bloody trek during rainy days.

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