#OnTheList: 6 New Mountains in Tanay for Your Weekend Dayhike!

Recently this year, several mountains in the Sierra Madre have been explored and then opened to hiking. Most of them are located in Tanay, Rizal, where the famous Mt. Daraitan sheds its magnificent beauty.

Here are the five mountains we’ve hike that should be on the list of your mountain adventures.

  1. Mt. Maynoba — Mt. Cayabu (Loop Hike)

    Want to experience the sea of clouds? Mt. Maynoba, opened early 2016 has been one of the go-to mountains of hikers because of its proximity to Manila and the view it offers. A layered waterfall is also waiting for you after descending down the peak of Mt. Maynoba.

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  2. Mt. Sapari — Mt. Binutasan (Maysawa Circuit)

    Opened few months ago, Maysawa Circuit offers a beautiful view of the sea of clouds and a refreshing waterfall sidetrip after descending the mountain. It features two mountain-hills, the Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan and a creek at the end of the hike.

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    Mt. Sapari

  3. Mt. Paliparan

    Mt. Paliparan, with an elevation of 562+ MASL resides at the peaceful community of Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal. One can experience the picturesque view of the rock formations, limestone, and a panoramic view of the Laguna de Bay, Pililla Wind Farm, and Mt. Banahaw. It is named paliparan by the Dumagats mainly because it is a venue of a kite-flying competition by their youths. The lush vegetation at trail going to the mountains made the climb more interesting and challenging.

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  4. Mt. Tala — Mamuyao Loop

    Another mountain has recently been opened for hikers, a relatively new day hike destination that nature lovers have to add to their mountain bucket list. Mt. Tala, standing about 567 meters-above-sea-level, offers a 360 view of the Sierra Madre mountain range plus a bonus experience of the Sea of Clouds.

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With the number of hikers increasing everyday, flocking to one mountain every weekend, it is a good thing that these mountains are being opened and getting available to us nature enthusiasts. Spreading the impact of this mountains can help preserve their natural beauty, provides income to the local community, and opens a new way of destressing one’s self from their busy like in the metro.

There’s two things we might request to those nature lovers, one is practice the LNT (Leave No Trace) principle in every place you go, and second thing is respect every place you visit, not only the place but also the community/people living in the area.

All together, let’s explore, share, and love outdoors. Peace!

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