#BestOfPH2 – Show Off Your Best Shot of the Philippines

Our country is composed of over 7,000 islands, meaning that there are so many places that we can visit and explore, and are worth sharing. Now, we are calling all of the travellers out there to share us your best shot of the Philippine Travel Destination to showcase the hidden charm of our beloved country.

Mt. Lubog

So here’s the contest mechanics:

  • One should submit their best photo of the Philippines. One entry per person only.
  • Entry must be in high resolution with 1920px on the longest side.
  • Landscape oriented shots are highly preferred.
  • Entry must be his/her original work. We will be not liable for any copyright complaints for submitting photos that are not yours. Your entry will be subjected to disqualification if proven so.
  • Photo must be taken here in the Philippines (obviously).
  • Together with your entry, you must write a short description/story about that photo. Entries without description will automatically disqualified.
  • Only minimal photo improvements are advisable, intense post processing may ruin your photo and will not be selected at all. Minor lighting, exposure, contrast and highlights improvement will be accepted.
  • Composite photo entries are accepted as long as it is not manipulated.
  • You must send you entries to bestofph@itinerary.ph with a subject containing your entry name. Example: Best Of Philippines – <Entry Name>
  • By submitting your entry, you are agreeing that we can share your photos anywhere to our social media accounts and website. We will give due credits and you still have the ownership of your photo.
Mt. Pamitinan

How are we going to choose the winner:

  • Entries will undergo into 3 stages.
    • The Initial Screening
      • Here, we will select entries that met the mechanics above.
      • All photos that passed the initial screening will be posted on our facebook page for the second stage.
    • The Second Stage.
      • Once photos are posted on our facebook page, it can now be shared and top 20 entries with the highest score will pushed to the final stage.
      • Scores will be based on the combined number of vote and judges score.
      • 1 Facebook reaction = 1 vote
      • Facebook Reaction = 40% of the total score.
      • Judges Score = 60% of the total score.
    • The Final Stage
      • Once we’re done determining the top 20 entries, they will be again reposted on our facebook page, and will be voted for 1 week.
      • Scores will be back to 0.
      • Same process as in the second stage will be followed in determining the winner. Facebook votes (40%) + Judges Score (60%) = Winner (100%).
Mt. Batulao


There will be 3 main prizes for the top 3 photos that will win, and will definitely be a useful piece for travelling. And there will also be 7 consolation prizes for photos that are in the top 10.

First Prize – TBA + printed copy of your entry.
Second Prize – TBA + printed copy of your entry.
Third Prize – TBA + printed copy of your entry.
Consolation Prizes – TBA

#OnTheList: 10 Travel Destinations You Can Visit With Php 22k! Nagsasa Cove
A less than 30 minute trek in Nagsasa Cove where you can see a really nice view of the Island. Best for sunrise and sunset watching. Entrance fee here is Php 40.00

Contest Duration

  • Deadline of submission of entries is until the November 31st.
  • Initial Screening will take 5-7 days depending on the number of entries received.
  • Photos that are selected in the Initial Screening will be posted on December 7th, 2017.
  • Voting and judging of photos for the second stage will start on December 7th until December 14th.
  • Top 20 photos will be reposted on December 15th are will be up again for voting and judging until December 31st.
  • Winners will be announced on January 1st, 2018.

Non-compliance of the above mechanics will lead to disqualification. If you have any questions about the contest, you may email us at bestofph@itinerary.ph or you may directly message us on our facebook page.

We are looking forward to seeing your best shots of the Philippines and we can’t wait to share it to the world.

* Mechanics and Prizes are subject to change without prior notice.

#ReforestTheRoad — by Fredd Ochavo


Calling out all trail runners who frequently visit Mt. Balagbag to be a part of the #ReforestTheRoadinitiative on that mountain. This is an open invitation to anyone who wants to volunteer in the ongoing tree planting and tree nurturing activities on the roads that were constructed there without the approval of DENR and MWSS. These roads have encroached the boundary of Ipo Watershed and are causing soil erosion. Trees were cut and vegetation was cleared to make way for these roads. Because of these, the water that is stored in Ipo Dam becomes heavily silted.

In August of last year, customers of Maynilad Water suffered because their water supply was cut off for days in spite of the heavy rains in Metro Manila. Maynilad blamed the high turbidity level of the water in Ipo Dam. It became too difficult for them to treat the heavily silted water coming from Ipo Watershed. We do not want this to happen again that is why we are doing what we can to bring back the forests of Mt. Balagbag that some people are destroying. It is very clear that the culprit of the murky water supply in Ipo Dam is the deforestation of the mountains in Ipo Watershed. We, therefore, need to do something about it.

If you want to plant trees at the #ReforestTheRoad sites on Mt. Balagbag to help ensure that Metro Manila will have a steady supply of clean water, just send us a message and we can give you seedlings of native trees for FREE. All you have to do is pick them up at our mini tree nursery along Commonwealth Avenue in East Fairview, Quezon City. Aside from planting, you can also contribute by pulling out grass and vines that choke the seedlings we planted last year together with DENR and other volunteer groups. Weeding will help the seedlings have a higher rate of survival.

We cannot visit the sites on a regular basis so it will be good if there will be more volunteers going there on days that we cannot. This is for all us anyway. This is for Metro Manila’s source of water.




Discover Hong Kong — 6 Days Backpacking Itinerary

Streets of Mong Kok

It all started with the Cebu Pacific seat sale. Me and my friend Mia were just talking about an over the weekend trip in Hong Kong then suddenly, Cebu Pacific announced that they will be having another seat sale and it matches our preferred dates. We then booked a 6-day trip to Hong Kong from June 8 to 14. Since it’s always fun to travel with friends, we invited some of our friends just after we booked these dates.

The Preparation

We booked this trip six months before the actual trip, so we have plenty of time to save up and prepare everything that we need to make this backpacking trip smooth and less of a hassle.

The main person who managed everything for this trip is my friend, Mia. She took care of everything from accommodation, train tickets, tours, etc. She listed down everything that we need and how much it would cost so we can save up and prepare for those. Here’s a list of all the things we bought and arranged prior to the trip itself.

So every cut-off, we ticked off one of these items since it is easier that way.

Apps and Websites To Check For Cheap And Discounted Rates

  • Klook — We used this app for booking Disneyland, Ocean Park, Ngong Pin 360 Cable Car Ride, Sim Cards, and Train Pass. There are a lot of things you can do in HK that is offered in this app. 🙂 Click here to join Klook and get Php 150.00 Credit which you can use for your next adventure.


  • Airbnb — If you are traveling with a group, Airbnb is one of the best options to book your accommodation. Get Php 900.00 off to your first booking with Airbnb when you sign up here.

The Devised Itinerary

Mia devised an itinerary that will serve as our travel guide to Hong Kong. The itinerary started at the airport where we will take our flight to HKG.

Day 1 — Flight To Hong Kong

Flight to HKG and re-grouping our team by 9PM. We have different flight schedules so we need to regroup by 9PM since the last person will arrive at around 6 to 7 PM.

Airport Express

Upon arriving to Hong Kong International Airport, we proceed to the booth where we will procure our sim cards and transport cards.

Day 2 — Hong Kong Ocean Park

Day 2 was the official start of our Hong Kong Trip. First stop on our itinerary was the Hong Kong Ocean Park. We woke up at around 5AM the left the hostel by 7 AM. The ticket we booked from Klook includes 1-way transfer from HK Post Office going to the park. We arrived at the meet up place an hour early, which gave us some time to explore the nearby attractions.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, we went to the Avenue of Stars, which is just minutes away from HK Post Office. Here, you can see statue of famous Chinese Actors and a studio setup where you can take photos with your friends.

Avenue of Stars Jump Shot!

After 30 mins, we went back to the post office and wait for the bus to Ocean park to arrive. The bus arrive on-time and we lined up going inside the bus. We booked the Ocean Park tour via Klook, and we experience a hassle free transaction with them. The Ocean Park Klook voucher we bought includes unlimited rides at the park and one full meal at any restaurants inside the park.

It will take you one whole day for you to explore the whole park so you better bring extra clothes and water bottles with you. To read more about our Ocean Park adventure, please check a dedicated blog for it here.

Day 3 — The Lantau Peak

On our third day, we had our first ever international hike, summiting the peak of Lantau in Lantau Island traversing to the Tian Tan Buddha in Ngong Ping.

Trail Lantau Peak

Lantau Peak is the second highest peak of Hong Kong, towering at around 930+ MASL. Good thing about hiking in Hong Kong is that, their trails are open to all enthusiast who wants to experience HK’s outdoors, provided that you will be responsible in everything that you will do along the trails. There’s a little chance that you will be lost going at the trails because there are enough trail signs installed and the trails are visible and established.

At the summit of Lantau Peak

We reached the summit at around 2 hours of trekking, then we traversed our way going to Ngong Ping. Ngong Ping 360 is one of the most unique attractions in Hong Kong, it comprises of a world’s top 10 amazing cable car ride and a culturally themed landscaped garden called Ngong Ping Village.

At the end of the Lantau Trail, you passed by the Wisdom Path. Wisdom Path traces a series of 38 wooden steles (upright monuments) containing verses from the centuries-old Heart Sutra — one of the world’s best-known prayers revered by Confucians, Buddhists and Taoists alike. These steles display the Chinese version of the prayer, based on the calligraphy of famous contemporary scholar Professor Jao Tsung-I, and are arranged in a ∞ pattern, which represents infinity.

The Wisdom Path. Photo by Mia Borloza
Tian Tan Buddha also know as the Big Buddha in Ngong Ping

We then explore the villages of Ngong Ping and make our way back to Tung Chung via the Cable Car ride that we book via Klook. 🙂

Day 4 — The Sunset Peak Traverse / Tai O Village Tour

The day our group was divided into two. Four of us went hiking going to Sunset Peak then traversing two other mountains going to Tung Chung. They the other three went to Tai O village for a tour. Will be posting another article for the Tai O Village Tour for reference. 🙂

At the summit of Sunset Peak

Sunset Peak is the third highest peak of Hong Kong, towering at around 860+ MASL. The trail going to the summit is almost similar as the trails of Lantau Peak. Both of them have short point to point distance but with steep assaults going to the summit. It took us 2 hours going to the summit. Since we did this as a traverse, it took us at around 7+ hours for a 15km+ traverse from Pak Kung Au to Tung Chung.

Take 5, before summiting the Sunset Peak

We manged to summit 3 peaks with this hike, the Sunset Peak, the Yi Tung Shan Peak and the Lin Fa Shan Peak. Along the trails, there are 3 other mountains that can be summited, but we’re tired and hungry, so we just passed them by and trekked to the side of those peaks.

Like Lantau Peak, there’s a 0 chance to be lost here. There are trail signs installed and the trails are established. Plus, we are using a GPS tracking app, Strava, to check on the trails we are taking.

Lin Fa Shan Peak

Day 5 — Free Day A.K.A. Open Itinerary Day

Our fifth day is a chill one, a rest from the hikes we did with the past two days. We went to The Peak at Central for a chill relax day. No itinerary, just a spontaneous flow of things.


Day 6 — Hong Kong Disneyland

We spent our last day in Hong Kong at the happiest place on Earth, the Disneyland. It was a rainy day, signal number 3 at that time, but we were still high spirited that this day will be okay and we will be able to enjoy our remaining days here in Hong Kong.


We reached the Disneyland at around 10AM, it was still raining, but nothing can stop the inner children inside us to enjoy Disney. After claiming our tickets and voucher at the ticketing area, we rushed and lined up for a photo op with Mickey and Minnie, the stars of the park, and we did not fail.

Few minutes later, the Gods heard our prayer, and the rain stopped, and the park opened the outdoor rides! We knew that it was our day. We were more than happy that the rain stopped. We can’t contain our excitement, we rode every ride at the park, and watch shows that we can see.

Unleash the inner child in you 🙂

A post shared by John Sebastien Legisma Palos (@papalos__) on

We felt like children again, did crazy things and never gave a f***, and just enjoy every moment at the park.

After an exhilarating day of amusement, we wrapped up our Disney adventure with the colorful Light Parade of the Disney Characters and a finale of the Magical Fireworks over the Disney Castle.



That was one hell of an adventure that is surely one for the books!

Day 7 — Flight Back To Manila

This was my first every backpacking trip outside the Philippines, and also my first international hike. There so many first times with this trip, and I can’t thank my friends enough for making this possible.


There maybe some misadventures, and little hassle on the side, but that just makes the whole journey worth it.

We will surely miss everything we experienced here in Hong Kong, from the transportation, MTR, mountain trails, and shopping spots, we will surely be back for more.

Also, Mia deserves a spot to this blog for taking care of everything, from budget, accommodation, tour passes, and transportations passes. You surely made this adventure even more memorable. Hope to have you as a travel buddy again for more out of town trips.


Travel Guide: Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg Trail


Watching the sunrise at Mt. Pulag summit

Mt. Pulag, the third highest peak in the Philippines and the highest in Luzon is one of the best mountain you can ever hike in the Philippines. Dubbed as the “Playground of the Gods” because of its majestic view at the summit surrounded by sea of clouds. Trekkers often go here to witness the stunning beauty of the sunrise as it shines to the slopes of the mountain giving light and warmth to its surrounding.


Mt. Pulag, pronounced as “Pul-ag” means bald because there are no trees from grassland to summit. This mountain has three types of landscapes, the pines, the mossy forest, and the grassland. This mountain is in between three provinces, Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya.


The Ambangeg Trail is the easiest trail going to the summit of Mt. Pulag. Most hikers calls it the “Artista Trail” due to its relatively easy trail compared to Akiki Trail and other trails. Trek usually starts at the ranger station after you’ve secured a guide and registered your team. From the ranger station, it is a 4-5 hour hike to summit and trek starts at 1 am in the morning if you are camping at the ranger station. If you are going to set your camp at camp 2, you have to start your trek by 1-2 pm on your day 1, then start your trek to summit at 4 or 5 am on your day 2. Camp 2 is just 1-2 hours away from the summit of Mt. Pulag.


How to schedule a hike to Mt. Pulag

Before you can enjoy the majestic view of Mt. Pulag, you first have to secure a reservation at the Mt. Pulag National Park Management. Ask them if there are still available slots on the day you chose to hike Mt. Pulag. Note that they only allow a maximum of 500 hikers a day to climb Mt. Pulag so better have your reservations as early as one to two months, because there are some organizers who hoard slots on weekends giving less slots to those DIY hikers like us.


Required documents before climbing Mt. Pulag

Due to recent cases of hikers having difficulties surviving the climb to Mt. Pulag, the management is now requiring all trekkers to submit medical certificates proving that they are fit to climb the said mountain. Failing to submit this requirement on the day of your hike will have them prevent you from hiking Mt. Pulag, so better have this requirements on-hand before leaving for this hike.

Just in case you are too busy too have yourself checked in your area, there’s a hospital in Ambangeg, just a few minutes away from DENR Office wherein you can have yourself checked by a doctor if you are physically fit to climb Mt. Pulag.

Transportation from Baguio to Jump Off Point

Ok! So, you have secured your slots and you’ve had yourself checked for your medical certificate, now you need to find ways on how to get to the jump off point. There are no public vehicles that can bring you from Baguio to Ambangeg. Mostly, hikers hire monster jeeps as their means of transportation from Baguio to Ambangeg and vise versa. If you have rented a van, you can go directly to the Ambangeg but I strongly advise that you leave your van to Baguio and just hire a monster jeep if your driver is not experienced with the road going to the jump off point. There are cases where vans loose their brakes which caused accidents, so again, just hire monster jeeps from Baguio to Ambangeg.

Things you should bring when hiking Mt. Pulag

The weather gets really cold in Mt. Pulag, dropping down to 5 degree celsius and below which makes most hikers chill and suffers hypothermia. So here are some essential things that you should bring with you when hiking Mt. Pulag.


  • Fleece Jacket
    • Can be used as your base layer
  • Thermal Jacket
    • This will be your mid layer
  • Windbreaker Jacket/Outer Shell
    • This will outter layer that will protect you from dew or rain
  • Rain Coat
    • Just in case you will be hiking on a rainy weather
  • Gloves
    • You need to keep your hands warm, trust me
  • Bonnet
  • Grabber Body Warmer
  • Grabber Hand Warmer
  • Grabber Toe Warmer
  • Thick Socks
    • Keep your feet warm, bring an extra pair just in case it gets wet
  • Aluminum Foil Mat
    • You’ll use this as flooring for your tent to keep your body from the cold ground of the camping site
  • Sleeping Bags
    • Extra protection from cold
  • Tents
    • Your shelter. If you don’t have tents or don’t one to bring one, you can rent at the Ranger Station from Php 300- Php450 per tent
  • Cook Set
  • Stove
  • Butane Gas
  • Mess Kit
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Extra Food
  • Water Bottles/Containers
  • Power Banks
  • Phones
  • Cameras

How to get to Mt. Pulag

  • Ride a bus going to Baguio from Manila
  • Hire a Monster Jeep that will take you from Baguio to DENR Office and to Ranger Station. Monster Jeeps cost ranges from Php 7,000 to Php 8,000

Breakdown of expenses

DIY Expenses for Mt. Pulag via Ambangeg Trail. Budget is for a group of 18 people maximizing the capacity of the Monster Jeep.

  • Bus MNL-Baguio-MNL: Php 960.00
  • Monster Jeep Rental (Good for 18 pax) : Php 7,500.00 [Php 417.00/pax]
  • DENR fee: Php 175.00
  • Ranger station LGU fee: Php 150.00
  • Guide fee: Php 120.00/pax
  • Camping fee: Php 50.00

    TOTAL: Php 1,822.00/pax

    PS: If you are going to set camp on Camp 2, you need to pay the camping fee at the DENR Office.


  • If you don’t have medical certificates, and you are already in Baguio, you can ask your monster jeep driver to bring you to the nearest hospital in Ambangeg and have you checked if you are fit to climb Mt. Pulag. It will cost you Php 100.00 for the medical check up.
  • If you don’t have tents, you can rent at the ranger station
    • Tent — Php 300.00 – Php 450.00
    • Aluminum Foil Mats — Php 50.00 (Small) Php 100.00 (big)

Contact Numbers

  • Please call the Mt. Pulag National Park Management to reserve your slots between 8AM to 5PM only
    • 09291668864
    • 09199951316
    • 09103010423
  • For your Monster Jeep transportation, please call Kuya Romeo
    • 09092102123

Side Trips

Viewed from Lolo Cancio’s Inn and Restaurant
Jang-jang Hangin Bridge
  • Ambuklao View Deck
  • Jang-jang Hangging Bridge
  • Lolo Cancio’s Inn and Restaurant
    • Stunning view of Mt. Indian and the Ambuklao Lake and Agno River

So yeah, Mt. Pulag is definitely one of the most beautiful mountain in the Philippines and it has one of the most stunning view that you can ever experience. But with all of its beauty, we must still protect it from being destroyed and help it maintain its natural beauty. Us hikers have the biggest role in preserving the beauty of Mt. Pulag. Always remember the principles of LNT (Leave No Trace) and educate one another on how to love nature.


  • Locals said that it tends to rain unpredictably if visitors of the mountains are noisy. So you better keep your voices down so you do not disturb the nature and other hikers near you.
  • Clean as you go!
  • Do not litter!
  • Have fun!

#Featured: Crystal Beach Resort — San Narciso, Zambales

Our featured travel guide for this month is from Edgar Eduardo, they spend their weekend ina beautiful beach resort in San Narciso, Zambales, the Crystal Beach Resort. For a budget under Php 800.00, they have weekend well spent in a beautiful paradise.

© Edgar Eduardo

Crystal Beach is just 3-4 hours away from Manila. It has been a quick weekend getaway for most travelers and surfers. There are some fun activities you can enjoy together with your friends and family.

© Edgar Eduardo
© Edgard Eduardo
© Edgard Eduardo

Here’s how Edgar reached Crystal Beach Resort

  • From Cubao, ride a Victory Liner bus going to Iba, Zambales or Olongapo
    • The Iba, Zambales route has a daily trip until 9:30PM
    • His groupd took the Ologapo route.
    • Cubao to Olongapo cost them Php 207.00 per person
  • From Olongapo Terminal, they took a bus going to Iba, Zambales. Just tell the conductor to drop you off to San Narciso, Zambales. It will take around an hour before you reach the town proper.
    • Ordinary – Php 53.00 per person
    • Air-conditioned bus – Php 70.00 per person
  • From San Narciso, ride a trike going to the resort.
© Edgar Eduardo


  • You can bring your own tent, there are tents available for rent if you don’t have one.
    • Php 290.00 – if you have your own tent
    • Tent rental costs Php 500.00++ which includes pillows and blankets
  • They sometimes have acoustic sessions on Saturday nights.
  • You can also enjoy surfing.
  • There are bonfire that are already set up at the Camp Site
  • Free grilling utilities, with coal
  • If you don’t have a powerbank, you can ask the front-desk to let you charge your gadgets for Php 20.00 until it gets fully charged.
© Edgar Eduardo
© Edgar Eduardo

Read More: [Source]

Itinerary Philippines Team will be visiting this place for a more detailed itinerary. 🙂 But anyway, thanks to Sir Edgar for letting us share his experience to the Crystal Beach Resort. Hope this helps our fellow travelers have an idea on what to expect and how to get to this beautiful place.

If you have itineraries, travel guides, and stories you want to share that can help our fellow travelers plan their next adventure, you can send those to contribute@itinerary.ph.

Day Hikes Near Manila For Under Php 500.00 Budget (Part 2)

After an overwhelming response with the our Day Hikes Near Manila For Under Php 500.00 Budget, here’s another set of day hikeable mountains for a budget less than Php 500.00! Yes, they are still near Manila. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: * This budget hikes are possible if you are a group of 5 or more.

1. Maynoba Circuit, Tanay, Rizal — Cayabu Peak and Mt. Maynoba (728+ MASL)


Mt. Maynoba (pronounced as May-nu-ba) is relatively new to hikers since it just opened few months ago (early 2016). But due to its sudden popularity boosted by social media, hikers flocked here during weekends which causes human traffic along the trail. I suggest visiting this mountain on a weekday for a less crowded climb, and you’ll surely find peace there.

You have two options, whether to hike both peaks (Cayabu Peak and Maynoba Peak) or just proceed to the summit of Mt. Maynoba. The Cayabu-Maynoba loop can be finished with 3-4 hours depending on your pacing. The steep slope to the summit can be challenging, thought you’ll be rewarded by the breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. As per the Pinoy Mountaineer, the hike difficulty to summit is at 3/9 and 4/9 if you’re going to go with the loop hike. It is best to start your hike as early as possible for you to be able to reach the summit before sunrise and watch the sea of clouds before descending down to the waterfalls.

One must be fully cautious when hiking on the rocky parts of the trail near the waterfalls. Many parts of the trail can be muddy and slippery during rainy seasons.

How to get to Brgy. Cayabu

  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeepney going to Batangasan (You might wait for the seats to be filled before taking off)
  • From Batangasan, ride a trike and tell them to drop you off to Brgy. Cayabu Mt. Maynoba jump off

Expenses and Fees

  • Jeep Cubao to Cogeo — Php 25.00
  • Jeep Cogeo to Batangasan — Php 42.00
  • Trike Batangasan to Jump Off — Php 200.00/Trike (1:4)
  • Registration fee — Php 40.00
  • Guide fee — Php 500.00 (1:5)

Expenses and Fees

  • Romar – 0929 765 8457 / 0905 973 4256

To read more about Manoba Circuit, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MaynobaCircuit

2. Mt. Sipit Ulang, Rodriguez, Rizal — 252+ MASL


Mt. Sipit Ulang, a mountain that offers a scenic view of rock formations, rich caves, and panoramic view of the Sierra Madre mountain range. It has various trail ranging from easy to slightly hard trail, and can hike for about 2-3 hours going to summit.

At the summit, you will see a rock formation depicting a crab’s claw, which is the main landmark of this mountain. One can climb up to the top of it and enjoy the picturesque panoramic view of the city and the Sierra Madre mountains.

After descending down, a possible side trip to Payaran Falls, the so called 7 layered falls, which offers a nice and relaxing cold water that you need after a tiring climb of Mt. Sipit Ulang. On the top layer of Payaran Falls is a small pool like basic where in you can jump, swim, and enjoy with your friends. There are tables available at the falls for free so that you eat your lunch before or after swimming at the falls.

How to get there:

  • Ride a van going to Eastwood, Rodriguez, Rizal from Cubao, tell the driver to drop you off the tricycle terminal going to Brgy. Mascap.
  • Ride a Trike going Brgy. Mascap


  • Cubao to Eastwood, RR (Van): Php 50.00 – (Php 100.00 RT)
  • Eastwood, RR to Brgy Mascap (Trike): Php 150/trike (150/5* pax = Php 30.00*) (Php 60.00 RT)
  • Guide Fee: 400+Considerate fee if you want to go to Payaran Falls. In our case, we are 7 pax in the group, and wee decided to contribute Php 100 each for the guide fee.
  • Registration for he DENR is Php 50.00/head

To read more about Mt. Sipit Ulang, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtSipitUlang

3. Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola — 196+ MASL


If you are looking for a chill hike near Metro Manila, San Miguel, Bulacan is the right place for you. Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola is best for chill hikers and beginners. You can hike these two mountains half day and then you can explore and go spelunking in Madlum Cave and Bayukbok Caves.

We first hiked Mt. Gola, which almost at the same level as Mt. Manalmon (196+ MASL). We reached the summit in less than 2 hours. It has an easy trail, just need to be careful with sharp rocks. We descended after 30 minutes and the we proceed to Mt. Manalmon.

Mt. Manalmon has more little assaults than Mt. Gola, and it will give you a better view of Mt. Arayat from afar. We reached the summit also in less than 2 hours, took some photos and descended after 30 minutes.


  • Guides (Required): Php 300.00/Guide/Mountain
  • Caving: Php 40.00/Pax/Cave
  • Parking Fee: Php 25.00/Van
  • Registration Fee: Php 10.00/Pax
  • Van: Php 5,000/van can accommodate 15-16 pax
  • Fee before you can proceed to the jump off: Php 20.00/pax

Contact Numbers

  • Van Rental: +63 906 339 5064
  • Municipal office of San Miguel Bulacan: 0447640154
  • Boy Florencio (Municipal Tourism Officer of San Miguel Bulacan): 09053726148
  • 09195746470 look for Mr. Carlito (tata Carling) Carpio President M.A.D.L.U.M. Inc.
  • 09434440033 look for Mr. Rexel Marketing and Promotion officer M.A.D.L.U.M. Inc.

Hiking Notes

  • I suggest that you rent a van for a non-tight schedule so that you can enjoy all of the activities this place has to offer. Activities includes: hiking, monkey bridging, spelunking, and swimming.
  • You need to secure a permit a week before the actual activity date. You can find details on where to send your request here: itinerary.ph/BulacanTwinHike

To read more about Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/BulacanTwinHike

4. Mt. Batolusong — Mapatag Plateau (645+ MASL) and Susong Dalaga Peak (780+ MASL)


A short, budget-friendly adventure to escape the busy streets of Metro Manila. Here’s our DIY weekend trip to Mt. Batolusong + Kay-Ibon Falls in the heart of Tanay, Rizal.All of us think that this is mini Batanes because of the mountain slopes. A very windy grassland welcomed us to the point that even our body is shaking up. View from above is really breathtaking, you’ll be able to see the Sierra Madre ranges of mountains and Laguna de Bay.

How to get there

  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeepney going to Batangasan (You might wait for the seats to be filled before taking off)
  • From Batangasan, ride a trike and tell them to drop you off to Mt. Batolusong jump off


  • Cubao to Cogeo Jeepney – 24 Pesos
  • Cogeo to Sitio Batanggaasan Kanto – 42 Pesos
  • Habal-Habal Ride from Batanggasan to registration area – 30 Pesos
  • Registration Fee – 40 Pesos
  • Guide – 5 is to 1 for 500 Pesos / 100 per person
  • Highway to Cogeo jeepney – 42 Pesos
  • Cogeo to Cubao jeepney – 24 Pesos

To read more about Mt. Batolusong, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtBatolusong

5. Mamuyao Loop — Mt. Tala (598+ MASL) and Mt. Pinto (846+ MASL)


Another mountain has recently been opened for hikers, a relatively new day hike destination that nature lovers have to add to their mountain bucket list. Mt. Tala, standing about 598 meters-above-sea-level, offers a 360 view of the Sierra Madre mountain range plus a bonus experience of the Sea of Clouds.

A full loop can be done with Mt. Pinto with a total distance of 19km. The trail is a combination of grasslands, bamboo and narra covered forest. Trails can be muddy on rainy seasons.

How to get there

  • First, secure a permit one week before the actual trek. No permit no climb policy is strictly observe with this mountain. You can contact Mr. Perdrito Campus to arrange your permit. He can also provide you vehicle/jeepney that you will need in order to reach the jump off point from the extraction point (river crossing).
  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeepney going to Batangasan (You might wait for the seats to be filled before taking off)
  • From Batangasan, ride a trike and tell them to bring you off to Brgy. Mamuyao Mt. Tala jump off


  • Jeep Cubao to Cogeo — Php 25.00
  • Jeep Cogeo to Batangasan — Php 42.00
  • Trike Batangasan to Jump Off — Php 200.00/person (Not yet confirmed)
  • Registration fee — Php 40.00
  • Guide fee — Php 500.00 (1:5)
  • If you will be renting a jeep, that would be Php 6,500 from Cogeo to Brgy. Mamuyao (2-way)
  • Brgy. Cayabu to Brgy. Mamuyao RT — Php 80.00

Hiking notes

  • Best if you will be hiking with a group of 10 or more to lessen your expenses.
  • The jump off point is almost 1 hour away from the extraction point which the cheapest way is to rent a jeep from Cogeo to Brgy. Mamuyao.
  • Contact Mr. Pedrito Campus so you can request your permit and arrange your transportation if you don’t have vans or monster vehicles that can do multiple river crossings.
  • If you have vans, better if you’ll park it to the nearby barangays because there’s no secure parking lots near the extraction point.
  • You can ask Mr. Pedrito to arrange you a jeepney that can fetch you from Brgy. Cayabu (where you will park your vehicle) to Brgy. Mamuyao.
  • There’s presence of limatik so be prepared, bring alcohol or any ointment that can prevent them from sticking to your body and suck your blood.
  • Trail is super muddy when wet so wear shoes that are appropriate with this kind of situation.

Contact person

To read more about Mt. Tala, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtTala

Day Hikes Near Manila For Under Php 500.00 Budget

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive as long as you enjoy the experience. We’ have been receiving inquiries on where to go hiking with a budget of Php 500.00*, so here’s a list to day hikes near Manila which you will spend a little less than Php 500.00*.

DISCLAIMER: * This budget hikes are possible if you are a group of 5 or more.

1. Mt. Balagbag, Rodriguez, Rizal — 777+ MASL


Famous running route for trail runners, Mt. Balagbag serves a training ground for them with its proximity to Manila and with the challenge it gives to prepare them for their upcoming races.

Mt. Balagbag, standing 777+ masl, is an ideal day hike for beginners due to its wide trail and mild assault. Hikers usually start their trek at the afternoon to witness the beautiful sunset and then camp at the summit overnight. At the morning you’ll get to experience the cool breeze as the warmth of the rising sun touches your body.

How to get to Mt. Balagbag

  • From Cubao, ride a bus going to Tungko.
  • Alight at Jollibee Tungko and the ride a jeep going to Licao-licao
  • From Licao-licao you can already start your hike to the registration or you can opt to ride a trike going to the registration area. I suggest you start your hike at Licao-licao because from the registration area, it is just 20-30 mins away to summit, so enjoy the hike from Licao-licao to summit if I were you.


  • Cubao – Tungko: Php 55.00 (Bus)
  • Tungko – Licao-licao: 27.00 (Jeep)
  • Registration + Other Fee: Php 30.00
  • Optional: Trike from Licao-licao to school: Php 30.00

To read more about Mt. Balagbag, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtBalagbag

2. Mt. Ayaas, Rodriguez, Rizal — 627+ MASL


Mt. Ayaas, standing 627+ masl, is considered as one of the highest peaks in Rodriguez, Rizal, a minor climb ideal for beginners as their first hike.

Main jump off this mountain is in Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal, but our group took the second one which is in Brgy. Mascap, Rodriguez, Rizal. One should start their trek as early as 5AM to avoid the heat of the sun, Mt. Ayaas does not have much trees to cover you up when sun’s heat strikes.

After hiking this mountain, a waterfall side trip can be arranged with you guide. Tell them that you want to swim and chill at the Payaran Falls, where you can also have your lunch. Wawa Dam is also one optional side trip.

How to get to Mt. Ayaas

  • From Cubao, ride a UV Express bound to Eastwood, Montalban. Tell the driver to drop you off the trike terminal going to Brgy. Mascap.
  • From Eastwood, Montalban, ride a trike going to the barangay,


  • Php 100.00 – RT Cubao-Montalban-Cubao (Van)
  • Php 60.00 – RT Montalban-Mascap-Montalban (Trike Php 150.00/5px)
  • Php 30.00 – Registration fee
  • Php 80.00 – Guide fee (400/5)

Contact Persons

  • 0917 9790 477 – Marianito Nicasio
  • 0919 8821 487 – Kuya Mark
  • 0905 6705 943 – Ms. Jessica Francisco
  • 0946 6970 054 – Sir. Jhon Ibay

To read more about Mt. Ayaas, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtAyaas

3. Mt. Paliparan, Tanay, Rizal — 562+ MASL


Tanay has been making names when it comes to adventure destinations, home of the famous Mt. Daraitan, Tinipak River, Daranak Falls, Mt. Maynoba and so many other hiking destinations and now, just few months ago, a new mountain trails has been opened for hikers, the Mt. Paliparan.

Mt. Paliparan, with an elevation of 562+ MASL resides at the peaceful community of Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal. One can experience the picturesque view of the rock formations, limestone, and a panoramic view of the Laguna de Bay, Pililla Wind Farm, and Mt. Banahaw. It is named paliparan by the Dumagats mainly because it is a venue of a kite-flying competition by their youths. The lush vegetation at trail going to the mountains made the climb more interesting and challenging.

Side trip to Tung Tong Falls is one of the highlights trekking Mt. Paliparan.

How to get to Mt. Paliparan

  • Take jeep to Cogeo from Cubao
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeep going to Brgy. Cuyambay
  • Ride a Habal-habal going to the Barangay Hall


  • Cubao to Cogeo — Php 25.00
  • Cogeo to Cuyambay — Php 48.00
  • Habal-habal to Brgy. Hall — Php 25.00
  • Registration fee — Php 20.00
  • Donation for seedlings — Php 10.00
  • Guide fee — Php 500.00 (Day Hike), Php 800.00 (Overnight) guide ration 1:5

Hiking Notes

Exercise caution when hiking especially at the rocky parts of the mountains as it tends to be slippery on rainy days. Wear gloves if possible, always follow the guides, if they said no, it’s a no. Leave no trace, and listen carefully when they are conducting an orientation at the jump off point. Lastly, enjoy the climb. Be nice to everyone, and respect one another.

To read more about Mt. Paliparan, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtPaliparan

4. Mt. Talamitam, Nasugbu, Batangas — 630+ MASL


One of the easiest hikes in the province of Batangas and is just 3 hours away from Manila. A chill hike recommended for beginners. This easily accessible day hike offers a 360 degree view of the town of Nasugbu and its beautiful landscape.

If you are aiming for a twin hike, this can be paired with Mt. Apayang or Mt. Batulao if you want more of it.

How to get to Mt. Talamitam

  • Ride a bus from Coastal Mall South Bus Terminal going to Nasugbu, Batangas.
  • Tell the conductor to drop you off to Sitio Bayabasan


  • Costal Mall Bus Terminal to Sitio Bayabasan — Php 120.00
  • Guide Fee — Php 300 (You can opt not to hire a guide if you already know the trail.)
  • Registration Fee — Php 40.00
  • Sidetrip to Layong Bilog River
  • Entrance fee – Php 20
  • Shower fee – Php 20

To read more about Mt. Talamitam, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtTalamitam

5. Mt. Romelo, Siniloan, Laguna — 630+ MASL


If you are the type of person who loves waterfalls, you definitely should visit Mt. Romelo. Mt. Romelo, situated in Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna is an adventurer’s choice when it comes to easy chill hiking and its waterfall side trips. There are at least 7 waterfalls that can be found here in this area.

Day hikers can usually visit 3 to 4 waterfalls, starting from Samaploc Falls, Batya-Batya Falls, Buruwisan Falls, then ending it to Lanzones Falls. If you want to visit all 7 waterfalls, it will require you to stay overnight and start trekking to the last 3 waterfalls early morning.

How to get to Mt. Romelo

  • We had our meetup at DLTB Bus Station near LRT Buendia. First trip to Sta. Cruz, Laguna departs at 3:00 AM or whenever the bus gets full. It’s a 3 hour ride from Buendia to Sta. Cruz, Laguna.
  • At Sta. Cruz, Laguna, we ride a jeepney going to Siniloan, Laguna. It’s a 30-minute ride from Sta. Cruz to Siniloan. Tell the driver to drop you off near the Jollibee going to Buruwisan.
  • From Siniloan, ride a tricycle going to Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna. Tell the tricycle driver to drop you off the road to Buruwisan Falls. A 15-minute ride going to the jump off of Mt. Romelo.


  • Php 140.00 — Buendia to Sta. Cruz, Laguna (V.V)
  • Php 40.00 — Sta. Cruz, Laguna – Siniloan, Laguna (V.V)
  • Php 20.00/head — Siniloan – Brgy. Macatad  V.V)
  • Php 50.00.00/head — Registration fee
  • Php 600.00/8 (We’re group of 8) — Guide Fee 10:1
  • Php 20.00 — Shower Fee

Things to Remember

  • Where comfortable trekking shoes/sandals and outfit.
  • Practice LNT (Leave No Trace) Principle
  • Bring down your trash
  • In case of limatik encounter, don’t panic. Alcohol spray can easily take it off. Read further information about limatiks.
  • Respect the mountains, the guides, the community, and other hikers, visitors, and mountaineers.

Contact Person

  • You can contact Kuya Teroy if you are planning to go here. 0949 891 2918

To read more about Mt. Romelo, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MtRomelo

6. Maysawa Circuit, Tanay, Rizal — Mt. Sapari (592+ MASL) and Mt. Binutasan (577+ MASL)

Mt. Sapari
Mt. Sapari

There’s another mountain circuit which has been recently opened to hikers a few months ago which offers a beautiful view of the sea of clouds and a refreshing waterfall sidetrip after descending the mountain.

The Maysawa Circuit features two mountain-hills, the Mt. Sapari and Mt. Binutasan and a creek at the end of the hike. One should register first at the barangay hall of Brgy. Cuyambay, same registration area of Mt. Paliparan. After registration, hikers will go straight to the trailhead, which requires them to ride a vehicle in order to arrive there quickly. As of July 2016, registration area is still at the barangay hall, but they said that they are planning to put a registration area at the start of the trail to the circuit.

At the summit of this mountains, you will be able to see Mt. Batolusong, Mt. Maynoba, and other neighboring mountains along the Sierra Madre mountain range.

How to get to Maysawa Circuit

  • From Cubao, ride a jeep going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeep going to Cuyambay. Brgy. Cuyambay is just 5 mins away from Batangasan and is on the right side of the road.
  • From there, hire a habal-habal going to the Barangay Hall, then after registration, ask them to take you to the trailhead of the Maysawa Circuit


  • Registration: Php 30.00
  • Guide Fee: Php 500 (1:5) Php 1,250.00 Overnight
  • Cubao to Cogeo: Php 25.00
  • Cogeo to Cuyambay: Php 42.00
  • Habal-Habal: Php 50.00

Contact Persons

  • Jeep rental (Rene) – 09127570867
  • Brgy. Cuyambay – 09124795185
  • Brgy. Cuyambay (Rose) – 09093379673
  • Van rental (from Manila) – 09269702947

Hiking Notes

  • Trail can be super muddy and slippery during rainy days. Bring gloves, and wear your most comfortable trekking outfit, and be careful while descending down the two mountains.
  • For you to witness the sea of clouds, I suggest that you go there via private vehicle and leave as early as 2AM from your meeting point.
  • There are few limatiks along the trail, so brace yourselves for a bloody trek during rainy days.

To read more about Maysawa Circuit, check out our dedicated blog entry for this mountain here: itinerary.ph/MaysawaCircuit

#PhotoContest: Best of Philippines! — Winners

After almost a month long duration of the contest, it has now come to an end and finally, we are announcing the winners of our first ever Best Of Philippines Photo Contest. We have had a difficult time scoring your awesome photos.

We would like to thank all those who sent their photos, took time to write and share their experiences and show the world how beautiful our country was. All of them are beautiful and worth sharing but unfortunately, we only have to choose 3 best photos who garnered the highest final score of combine facebook reactions and judges’s scores.

So, we are presenting to you the winners of our Best Of Philippines Photo Contest. Congratulations and keep on exploring and sharing the beauty of the Philippines.

3rd Place. Krescel Ann Victoriano, Mt. Pulag

3rd placer in our Best of Philippines Photo Contest. Entry by Krescel Ann Victoriano.
3rd placer in our Best of Philippines Photo Contest. Winning entry by Krescel Ann Victoriano taken in Mt. Pulag.

When I started mountain climbing, I had this ultimate dream of climbing one of the tallest landforms in the Philippines, and in fact, the tallest mountain in Luzon- Mt. Pulag. That dream turned into reality when my good friend Mertz invited me to come with him and his friends on Mt. Pulag. I didn’t need to think about it. It’s a quick yes.

We hit the road on July 2, 2016, and it was a thrilling adventure. I was the only woman in the group but it didn’t matter when we took the “fun” trail, Ambangeg. We clicked as a group despite the fact that I only knew each through Facebook. And I was thankful to be in that trip. Reaching the summit is just a bonus. The memories of the journey itself and how I made new friendships are the things I value the most.

For me, this is my best photo of the Philippines. Even though I was expecting back then to see a sea of clouds kissing the mountaintops, I was not disappointed when there was none. The breathtaking scenery God laid in front of me was more than what I expected it to be. The fatigue, the cold weather, and the expenses, they were worth it. When I was up there, looking at the rest of the world, I realized that the world isn’t bound with any limits. You don’t have to be a big man to climb a mountain. You don’t have to have big muscles to prove that you can. A woman can do it. A woman will do it. Everyone can do it. You just have to believe that you can, and God will lead you all the way. In this little adventure of mine, the north remembers.

2nd Place. Lino Jubilan Jr, Legazpi Boulevard taken from Legazpi, Albay

2nd place of our Best of Philippines Photo Contest. Winning entry of Lino Jubilan Jr. of Legazpi Boulevard taken from Legazpi, Albay
2nd place of our Best of Philippines Photo Contest. Winning entry of Lino Jubilan Jr. of Legazpi Boulevard taken from Legazpi, Albay

The Legazpi Boulevard is a coastal road network extending from the city’s central business district and port area to the southern barangays, an area deemed as a new frontier of development. The boulevard is one of the most picturesque seaside roads in the Philippines, with a spectacular view of the Mayon Volcano and the Kapuntukan hill to the north.

A fascinating Mayon Volcano. This is my best photo because it’s really hard to took pictures in a weather that is quickly changing and not everything looks good on it. Mayon Volcano have a rare time to flaunt beautifully its perfect cone shape. And luckily I took a chance to have this one flabbergasting picture on my second time at Albay which I waited the sunset until it becomes blue.

1st Place. Aries Vann R. Saquibal, Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet — Kissing the Sunrise

1st placer of our Best of Philippines Photo Contest. Winning entry of Aries Vann R. Saquibal in Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet
1st placer of our Best of Philippines Photo Contest. Winning entry of Aries Vann R. Saquibal in Mt. Ulap, Itogon, Benguet

Kissing the Sunrise.

This is my best photo of the Philippines so far, this picture depicts that we must be thankful everyday we see sunrise, this means God gave us another day to live and must be thankful for that.

Congratulations to all of the winners of our first Best of Philippines Photo Contest, we hope that you’ll keep on sharing photos of the beautiful travel destinations of the Philippines, and showing to the world what our country can offer.

Claiming of prizes

You can claim your prizes by dropping by at A Space Manila, 110 Legazpi Street, San Lorenzo, Makati 1223 and look for Paolo Imbag of iStack Manila.

For the 2nd and 3rd place winners, you will be receiving a printed copy of your winning photo and one voucher code of a 6×6 soft cover photobook, courtesy of Photobook Worldwide and TravelBook.ph. Prints will be available by November 30, 2016. So you can visit us on or after the said date.

For our 1st place winner, you will be receiving a wood mounted print of your winning entry, and  one voucher code of a 6×6 soft cover photobook, courtesy of Photobook Worldwide and TravelBook.ph. Your wood-mounted print will be available by December 12, 2016. So you can visit us on or after the said date.

If you have further questions about the claiming of your prizes, you can email us at bestofph@itinerary.ph or send us a text message to +639154478657

If you wish to see how we score the contest, you can check out our score card here: https://goo.gl/wL5Xm9

Stay tuned for our year-end project!

#OnTheList: 5 Travel Destinations You Can Visit With Php 22k!

First off, this post has nothing against Coldplay or people who are willing to pay for the VIP price ticket to watch their concert. We too are fans of the band, we’re just listing at least 5 travel destinations that you can visit with that amount of money, so cheers and let’s get started!

1. Mt. Pulag, Benguet

#OnTheList: 10 Travel Destinations You Can Visit With Php 22k! Mt. Pulag
View of the Sea Of Clouds from the summit of Mt. Pulag

Mt. Pulag, the highest peak of Luzon at 2,992 MASL. It is one of the most popular weekend destination of most hiking enthusiasts and mountaineers because of the majestic view if offers. One of the main reason why hikers flock to this mountain is because of its magnificent sunrise plus a view of the sea of clouds. It is also coined as the “Playground of the Gods” by most hikers.

There are a lot of travel groups and organizers who offers a two to three day tour/hike to Mt. Pulag ranging from Php 2,000 to Php 3,000 depending on the trail you want to take. But if you want to do it as DIY, you must at least form a group of 10 for a less expensive trip. Budget for DIY trips from Baguio city ranges from Php 1,500 to Php 2,000 depending on the number of members in your group.

Hiking Mt. Pulag is via reservation basis, allowing only 500 hikers per day for all of the trails. So you might want to call the tourism office to reserve your slots before going there.


  • Php 2,000.00 – Php 3,000.00

Contact Number:

  • DENR – 09196315402


  • Guide Fee – Php 500.00/guide good for 1-5 persons, additional person is Php 100.00. Maximum of 10 persons per guide.
  • Registration Fee and Orientation – Php 225.00 per person
  • Monster Jeep Renta – Php 7,000 to Php 8,000 and can accommodate upto 18 persons. You can ask the DENR personnel for contact numbers of their accredited jeepney rentals.

Organized Event:

We are having our Mt. Pulag Year-End Climb this coming December 28-29, 2016. If you are interested to join, we are offering it for only Php 2,799 inclusive of transportation, all fees, dinner and breakfast. You can find more details by clicking this link: Year Ender — Experience Mt. Pulag

2. Nagsasa Cove, Zambales

#OnTheList: 10 Travel Destinations You Can Visit With Php 22k! Nagsasa Cove
A less than 30 minute trek in Nagsasa Cove where you can see a really nice view of the Island. Best for sunrise and sunset watching. Entrance fee here is Php 40.00

One of the best beach getaway my friends and I have been to is the Nagsasa Cove in Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio, Zambales. It’s just a chill and laid back getaway for the weekend just to be far away from the stress in the city. For a budget for Php 1,800.00 ALL-IN, we get to enjoy a relaxing and fun weekend getaway.

There’s not much to do here but to just relax, swim, play with the waves, cliff jump, and visit Capones and Camara Islands. If you are a more adventurous type of traveler, you can hike Mt. Balingkilat traversing to Nagsasa Cove.


  • Php 1,500.00 – Php 1,800.00

Contact Number:

  • Jesus Bansales III – 0920 274 4651 | 0977 321 7900
    You can contact Sir Jess if you want to visit and camp in Nagsasa Cove. You can also choose among the other two coves, the Anawangin Cove (the more crowded and commercialized one) and Talisayen Cove.
  • Van rental – 09063395064 | 09178618672
    In all of our trips, we are renting vans from them. If you want a convenient transfer from your place to Zambales, you can contact them for van rentals.


  • Van rentals can range from Php 8,000.00 to Php 9,000.00
  • Nagsasa Tour ranges from Php 500.00 to Php 650.00 per person inclusive of everything you need in the island, entrance fees, round trip boat transfer and island hopping.
  • Food sharing is up to you, our group shared Php 300.00 to Php 500.00 per person for supplies and cooking materials.

3. Mt. Daraitan in Tanay, Rizal

The famous rock formation on top of the summit where most hikers take a selfie.

A popular day hike destination in Tanay, Rizal which is just 2-3 hours away from Manila. A quick escape from the busy streets of the city. On top of the summit, you’ll see a wide view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and a bonus sea of clouds if you’ll do a night trek and if you are lucky enough to witness it.

Tinipak River is also one the main attraction in this places, usually made as a side trip of most hikers by doing a traverse from the summit of Mt. Daraitan. You’ll also get a chance to see the beautiful rock formation in the river, you just have to pay Php 25.00 as entrance fee which is used to maintain the place. If the weather condition is good, and the current is not that bad, you can also take a dip at the natural pool inside the Tinipak Cave. Though they are limiting the amount of time to stay here for 15 minutes due to the number of people who wants to experience it.

You can check our travel guide to Mt. Daraitan for a more detailed blog: Travel Guide: Mt. Daraitan


  • Php 500.00 – Php 700.00 for a day hike

Contact Number: 

  • Head Guide (Willy): 0906 953 3470


  • Guide fee – Php 500.00 good for 1-5 persons
  • Registration fee – Php 20.00
  • Entrance fee to see the Rock Formation – Php 25.00
  • Van Shaw to Tanay – Php 70.00 to Php 90.00 (1.5 hours of travel)
  • Jeep from Tanay to Sampaloc – Php 26.00 (45 minutes)
  • Trike from Sampaloc to Extraction point – Php 100.00 per person (30 minutes)
  • Raft to cross the river (Optional) – Php 10.00

Organized Event:

We are having a day hike to Mt. Daraitan this coming December 04, 2016. If you are interested to join, we are offering it for only Php 700.00 inclusive of transportation and all fees. You can find more details by clicking this link: Dayhike — Mt. Daraitan

4. Mt. Ulap in Itogon, Benguet

#OnTheList: 10 Travel Destinations You Can Visit With Php 22k! Mt. Ulap
Parallax view along the trail of Mt. Ulap

A fun chill day hike in Benguet which offers a picturesque view the Cordillera’s mountain range. A relatively easy hike which can be recommended for first time hikers. You will get to experience a breath taking view while trekking to the summit and a chance to see the sea of clouds.

One of the main attraction in this mountain is the Gungal Rock which serves as the landmark of this mountain.


  • Php 400.00 to Php 500.00 from Baguio

Contact Number:

  • Brgy. Ampucao Tourism – 09989589549


  • Registration Fee – Php 100.00 per person
  • Guide fee – Php 400.00 good for 10 persons Php 800.00 overnight
  • If you are going to camp, you’ll need to pay addition Php 500.00 for the camping fee

Organized Event:

We are having a day hike to Mt. Ulap this coming December 17, 2016. If you are interested to join, we are offering it for only Php 1,200.00 inclusive of transportation and all fees. You can find more details by clicking this link: Dayhike — Mt. Ulap

5. Buscalan Village in Tinglayan Kalinga

Apo Whang-od

Experience a traditional culture of the Butbut tribe in Kalinga. Relax and enjoy the company of the villagers and learn new things from their cultures and tradition. Wake up to the wonderful view of the mountains. Take a dip to the chilling waters of the water falls. All that for a budget of Php 3,000.00 for a ground of 5!

Buscalan is almost a 19 hour travel from Manila, so if you love long commutes and enjoys transferring from one mode of transportation to another for almost one whole day, this destination is for you.

One of the main reason why people from different parts of the globe visits Buscalan is  because of the living legend, soon to be a National Artist (hopefully), Apo Whang-od. Believed to be the last “Mambabatok” (traditional tattoo artist) of her generation. She offers traditional tattoos to visitors for a price ranging from Php 200.00 to Php 1,000+ depending on the size of the tattoo. She is accompanied by here grand daughters/nieces Grace and Elyang.


  • Php 2,000 to Php 3,000 group of 3 to 5 persons

Contact Person

  • Guide Gilbert – 09084792012
  • Guide Oliver – 09397741477
  • Guide Raffy – 09279853681


  • Manila to Baguio – Php 455.00
  • Baguio to Manila – Php 455.00
  • Baguio to Bontoc – Php 195.00
  • Bontoc to Baguio – Php 195.00
  • Bontoc to Buscalan – Php 100.00
  • Buscalan to Bontoc – Php 100.00
  • Homestay – Php 250.00
  • Registration Fee – Php 75.00
  • Guide – Php 1,000

Organized Event:

We are having a tour to Buscalan next year January 13-15, 2016. If you are interested to join, we are offering it for only Php 1,200.00 inclusive of transportation and all fees. You can find more details by clicking this link: Year Starter — Experience Buscalan

So there you go! These are some of the destinations you can visit if you are thinking twice on whether you should buy a VIP ticket to Coldplay’s concert, or just go to places you’ve never been before, explore and learn new things from you adventure.

It’s up to you, just do the things that makes you happy and don’t let other people dictate you on your own happiness. Live the life you want to live and be happy on whatever the result may be.

We’ll be adding more destinations in this list in the coming days so stay tuned for our updates. Cheers!

#OnFeature: Visayas, Philippines — WowTapes

WowTapes, a collective of video wayfarer heroes spent 6 days in Visayas filming unusual scenes of the island, focusing on the daily lives of the people doing their daily routines.

This video shows the beauty of life in the Philippines even after the most disastrous event that happened in our lives.

This video is dedicated to the people of Samar, who were brutally hit by the typhoon Yolanda in 2013.

Watch the video and be amazed on how beautiful our country and people are.

© WowTapes (Fabio, Simone, Elisetta)