On The List: Day Hike Essentials

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions on what things should we bring and what should be worn during a day hike. So here’s a list of things that we bring based on our experience, that will help you survive and enjoy an exciting day hike.

1. Hydration

If you are going on an outdoor adventure, one of the most important things your should bring is your hydration. It can be water or any sports drink, so you can keep yourself hydrated throughout the whole climb. You can bring at least 2 litters of water just to make sure you have enough supply for the whole day. Some mountains have water sources where you can get water with the advise of your local guide. Please do remember that you cannot just get water from these water sources. To make sure, bring enough hydration with you.

On The List: Day Hike Essentials
Photo © MRM USA

There are various hydration items out there which are available in a local outdoor store in Manila. You can either buy those hydration bladders, water bottles, or you can go buy bottles of water in a convenient store, or prepare it at home.

2. Trail Food and Lunch

On every day hike, there will be always trail snacks. It can be anything, mixed nuts, chocolates, jellies, chips, fiber bars, as long as it will give you energy while trekking to the mountains. Another reason why we need to bring these trail food is to share it with your hike buddies. Well, food makes us all happy and energetic. 😀 The common trail snacks that we bring on a day hike are FitBars, mixed nuts and jelly ace.


On The List: Day Hike Essentials. Get your trail mix here!
Photo © Real Healthy Recipes. Click here to get your trail mix!
2nd Falls: Batya-Batya. River crossing, lunch, siesta. Photo by Yen Diestro

3. Day Pack

You don’t want to carry a big backpack while doing a day hike, we usually just bring dry bag, hydration vest, or a 10L – 20L size backpack just to store our valuables and extra set of clothes.


4. Footwear

As much as we can, we try to wear the most comfortable shoes or sandals we can to avoid unexpected injuries that we may have during the trek. You can either wear you rubber shoes or sandals, but please don’t wear your fancy shoes, fashionable-thin-strapped sandals on the trek, you will have a hard time especially on the muddy trail.

There are a lot of cheap varieties of trail shoes like Sandugo which can keep your feed from foreign objects that can cause wounds or injuries to your feet. There are also local sandal brands, like Lamiran, which are used by most outdoor enthusiasts.

Abby’s Merrel Carpa Rapids, which she used on her first trail run at Mt. Batolusong. Click here to get yours.

5. First Aid Kit

There times that we can’t avoid any injuries and get wounds along the trail. That is why we need to bring some essential aid kit to clean and cover your wounds, and as remedy for those who got dizzy and got cramps. On our aid kit, we have band aids, alcohol, betadine, white flower, cotton, and cloth gauze. These are just some of the things we bring on a day hike in case of emergency. To learn more, please visit Red Cross’ website here: http://www.redcross.org/prepare/location/home-family/get-kit/anatomy

Creating a Basic First Aid Kit [https://aoa-adventures.com/creating-a-basic-first-aid-kit/]
Creating a Basic First Aid Kit [https://aoa-adventures.com/creating-a-basic-first-aid-kit/]

6. Trekking Outfit

We want to be comfortable while walking on a muddy-grassland of the mountains, so we wear clothes that are light and stretchable for us to walk on the trail easily. One should avoid wearing denim pants as it will just make your trek harder, and it will become heavy when it gets wet. We recommend wearing leggings with denim shorts on top, and cargo shorts for men. Drifit shirts are also recommended for faster evaporation of sweat from your body. There are trekking pants and shirts available on local outdoor shops in Manila.

  • Comfortable trekking shorts
  • Drifit/100% polyester shirt
  • Long sleeves/rash guard
  • Leggings
  • Leg warmers
  • Cap
Group picture at the Peak 1 view point "Tunghayan"
Group picture at the Peak 1 view point “Tunghayan”

7. Toiletries

Of course, we also bring our toiletries when hiking, we need it when nature calls, and most especially when taking a fresh bath after a long day trek. 🙂

Toiletries for this! :D
Toiletries for this! 😀

These are some of the essential things that we bring during a day hike. If you are hiking with your friends, you can split some of these things so you can divide the weight of your pack. Again, this things are based on our own experience, this may vary base on other people’s preference. If you have something to add to this list, please don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section below. 😀