The Sierra Madre Hotel & Resort β€” Our Refuge During Typhoon Karen

Oct 15, 2016, we have a scheduled trail run event at in Tanay, Rizal, and on the same day, Typhoon Karen is set for a land fall. The wind was so strong and chilling, the rain was hard and theΒ road was covered with fog. We arrived at the event venue at around 9PM, assuming that the event was still a go, despite the status of the weather. We are all ready to run rain or shine that is why we went to the event venue the night before the actual event.

We thought that we can pitch our tent at the event venue, which happened to be the Ten Cents to Heaven, for only Php 300.00 that the organizer of the said trail run event told me when I was claiming the race kit. To our surprise, the resort was asking us to pay Php 300.00 per person for pitching our tent, excluding the use of amenities.

At 10PM, the organizer of the event posted an announcement on facebook that they are cancelling the event, but because of the lack of internet access in the area, we are not aware that the event was cancelled, and we were there, at the same place as the organizers and they did not even bother to tell us that the event was cancelled due to typhoon that they based on accuweather even thought the Tanay Tourism Office already posted an announcement on their facebook that all adventure activies in Tanay should be cancelled.

Since we cannot afford the rates at the event venue, we decided to go the Sierra Madre Resort and Hotel. Rates of the room for 7 person is only Php 3,000.00, with use of all amenities, including the pools and trek to the water falls, that if we too the bait at the event venue which will cost us around Php 2,000.00 for just pitching our tent.

Sierra Madre Resort may not be the best mountain resort in Tanay, but they do have the kindest staff, who accommodated us and gave us what we needed during this unfortunate event.

The resort have lots of activities that you and your family and friends can enjoy. You can trek down going to the waterfalls, swim at a 4-6ft deep swimming pool with a relaxing view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. There are hanging bridge, monkey bridge, and zipline for additional excitement.

We would like to thank the resort for accommodating us in times of the typhoon. Our trail run misadventure turned out to be one of the best staycations of our travel journey.

Kudos to Kuya Alden, Kuya Ronnie, and other staff for a good service during our stay. Keep it up! πŸ˜€









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