Travel Guide: Crazy Tanay Heptalogy Day Hike

Ever tried hiking seven mountains in just one day? If you have the crazy guts to try it out, I’ll be sharing how we manage to hike seven summits in less than 24 hours.

Tanay has been a go to when in comes to multi-mountain day hike because it is surrounded by the mountains of Sierra Madre. There are lots of mountains that has a close mountain next to it making it possible to do a twin hike or trilogy. To be able to make our Heptalogy possible, we have to get permits from three barangays and notify them before the actual date of the climb.

For this Heptalogy, there are three barangays covered in the whole climb, Mt. Kayangkangan and Mt. Tan-awan in Brgy. Sto. Niño, Mt. Tinucan, Mt. Lilid, and Mt. Piluktunan in Brgy. Tinucan, and lastly, Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Ayngat in Brgy. Cayabu.

We started our hike at exactly 12MN, hiking Mt. Tan-awan and Mt. Kayangkangan in Brgy. Sto Niño. This was originally a Hexalogy Day hike, buy we did not expect that we are going to pass by the summit of Mt. Tan-awan, so I guess, it is safe to say that we did a heptalogy that day.

Mt. Tan-awan ©Em Quirante

Mt. Tan-awan (467+ MASL) and Mt. Kayangkangan (566+ MASL) loop distance from jump off is 7.6 kilometers. If all of the members of your hike are experienced hikers, hiking these mountains can only take 2.5 to 3 hours max. There’s not much to see here so we just took a quick rest and photo ops, then proceed to our next set of mountains. Btw, if you’ll be hiking on a new moon with a clear sky, there’s a big possibility for you guys to see a lot of stars, and if lucky enough, there will be a milky way.

Mt. Kayangkangan ©Em Quirante

Next stop is the Tinucan Circuit, covering the mountains of Mt. Tinucan, Mt. Lilid, and Mt. Piluktunan. We were supposed to hike Mt. Maynoba and Mt. Ayngat next to Mt. Kayangkangan, but due to influx of hikers and lack of guide availablity, we have no choice but to proceed to Brgy. Tinucan, which is just a few minutes away from Btgy. Cuyambay.

Mt. Tinucan

We the officers of Brgy. Tinucan requires every hiker to conduct a planting activity. The number of seedlings depends on the number of hikers.

Tree planting at Mt. Tinucan

Alright, so first stop is Mt. Tinucan, standing at around 595+ MASL, will welcome you with a straight assault from jump off to summit. Trek to summit is just one hour to one and a half. From there, we started planting the seedlings we brought from the jump off point. Then we proceed to Mt. Lilid, passing by three to four peaks. Mt. Lilid is standing around 556+ MASL, an easy traverse from the summit of Mt. Tinucan, and can only take you less than an hour to the summit.

Mt. Lilid

Last part of the Tinucan Circuit is the Mt. Piluktunan. Trekking this mountain is the most rewarding and refreshing part of the heptalogy. There was no waterfall included in the itinerary, but there’s no way to skip the Gan-gan waterfalls which part of the trail of Mt. Piluktunan. The summit of this mountain the topmost part of the water fall where are spring is located which is where the water came from.

Mt. Piluktunan (Gan-gan Falls)
Chilling at one of the layers of Gan-gan falls in Mt. Piluktunan

After a refreshing dip from the water fall, we descended down and had our lunch near the barangay hall of Tinucan, we proceed to our last stop, Brgy. Cuyambay where we will hike the last two mountains in our itinerary Mt. Maynoba and Mt . Ayngat.

Mt. Maynoba summit

We left Brgy. Tinucan at exactly 3PM and reach Brgy. Cuyambay after 20 minutes. There are only 6 of us left that are willing to hike the last two mountains. We hike Mt. Maynoba first. Since we are in a hurry, and would like to be back at the jump off point as early as possible, we took the unusual trail, the trail that only porters and locals passed by. It is the short cut to the ridge of Mt. Maynoba cutting one hour off of our time. We reached the summit of Mt. Maynoba before 5PM then we proceed to Mt. Ayngat.

Mt. Ayngat (Camp Site) 30 mins away from Summit. 

Mt. Ayngat is a new hiking destination in Brgy. Cuyambay, which opened about two months ago. Most hikers camp here overnight. Mt. Ayngat’s summit is more than an hour away from Mt. Maynoba’s summit, passing by a waterfall, bamboo forest, and grasslands. We reached the summit of Mt. Ayngat before 7PM. It was already pitched black and the things you can only see are the one lit up by your flash lights. It was raining a little that time which made our descent a little harder and slippery. We reach the campsite pass 7PM, took a little rest and photos and continued our descent. We had a creepy feeling, it’s like there’s someone laughing at us while we were trekking down. So one of our member decided to play some music with her phone. We reached the jump off point by 8PM, and it was a relief since we thought that it will take us forever to get down Mt. Ayngat. Our other members are all asleep, bored at the monster jeep we rent while waiting for us.

We headed back to Manila pass 9PM, tired and all wanting to have a nice rest in their beds.

This heptalogy climb is mt most memorable hiking experience. It does not only made me realize that I can surpass my own limitations, but it also gave a new set of friends who are willing to do another crazy multi mountain hike in the future.

Suggested Itinerary

09:00 PM — Meet up jollibee farmers cubao
10:00 PM — ETD to Brgy. Sto Niño ride at monster jeep
12:00 MN — ETA Brgy. Sto Niño register/secured guide
12:30 AM — Start trek Mt. Kayangkangan
02:30 AM — Summit photo ops Mt. Kayangkangan
03:00 AM — Start descend back to Brgy. Sto Niño
05:00 AM — ETA Brgy. Cayabu register/secured guides
05:30 AM — Start trek at Mt. Maynoba
06:30 AM — Summit photo ops Mt. Maynoba
07:00 AM — Start trek Cayabu peak
08:00 AM — Summit photo ops Cayabu peak
08:30 AM — Start trek to Mt. Ay-ngat
09:30 AM — Summit photo ops Mt. Ayngat
10:00 AM — Start descend back at Brgy. Cayabu
11:00 AM — ETA Brgy. Tinucan register /secured guides
11:30 AM — Start trek to Mt. Tinucan
12:00 NN — Mt.Tinucan summit photo ops
12:30 PM — Start trek to Mt. Lilid
02:30 PM — Mt. Lilid summit photo ops
03:00 PM — Start trek to Mt. Piluktunan
04:00 PM — Mt. Piluktunan summit photo ops
04:30 PM — Start descend back at Brgy. Tinucan
06:30 PM — ETA jop/wash up/dinner/logout/end
07:00 PM — ETD to MNL
09:00 PM — ETA to MNL

How did we do this?

For those who are interested to perform a Heptalogy Day Hike, you first have to secure a permit from the Municipality of Tanay. You can contact the guide’s coordination, Sir Pedrito Campus or Kuya Pitoy to some. He will assist you and will handle the process for your permit.

Sir Pedrito Campus — 09193265454 or 09263652353
Email address —

You have to contact him and send your letter of intent a week before the actual climb. You have to rent a monster jeep because it will be hard for the vans to cross multiple rivers and rocky roads. You can ask Sir Pitoy to find a monster jeep for you.

Expected Expenses

  • Guide fee — Php 1,500.00 1:5 ratio
  • Registration fee — Php 120.00 per pax
  • Seedling for tree planting in Brgy. Tinucan — Php 15.00/pax
  • Transportation
    • Cubao to Cogeo (Commute) — Php 24.00
    • Cogeo to Cubao (Commute) — Php 24.00
    • Monster Jeep Rental — Php 6,500.00
      • (15 pax = Php 434.00/pax)
      • (10 pax = Php 650.00/pax)
  • Total Expenses for a group of 15 pax — Php 917.00
    Total Expenses for a group of 10 pax — Php 1,133.00

Barangays covered in this heptalogy climb

  • Brgy. Sto Niño – Mt. Kayangkangan + Mt. Tan-awan
  • Brgy. Cayabu – Mt. Maynoba + Mt. Ay-ngat
  • Brgy. Tinucan – Mt. Tinucan + Mt. Lilid + Mt. Piluktunan

What you need to bring

  • Hydration bags
  • Lunch
  • Alcohol
  • Salt
  • Extra cash
  • Headlamp (Very Important)

Hiking Notes

There are a lot of limatiks at Mt. Kayangkangan, by a lot I mean it’s a limatik fest, so be prepared. One way to prevent them from sticking to your body is by applying “Off Lotion”, wash your pants or clothes with salt dissolved in water, or efficascent oil.

Mt. Kayangkangan limatik fest! 😀 What a bloody hike! © Jayvee Quijano

There can be easily removed by spraying alcohol or splashing them with salt. It will be bloody, and I had warned you.

So yeah, we will definitely do more of this kind of hiking activity, it gives us a sense of fulfillment and a realization that you can really be a better version of yourself.

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