Travel Guide: Mt. Batulao (811+ MASL)

Travel Guide: Mt. Batulao (811+ MASL)


Dreaming of climbing Mt. Guiting-guiting in Romblon? Do you know that there’s a mountain in Nasugbu, Batangas that offers a little G2 like experience, like the knife-edge. The trail of Mt. Batulao is consist of gradual assaults that can be very muddy on rainy seasons. Trail gets a bit steep and slippery near the summit which requires extra caution. There are ropes that can help you climb those steep slopes easily.


Mt. Batulao offers an spectacular view of Cavite and Batangas, and beautiful landscape surrounding the mountain. There are two major trails in this mountain, the New Trail and the Old Trail. These trails can be combined for a traverse climb.

For only 2-3 hours drive from Manila, Mt. Batulao has been a famous hiking and camping destination for most hikers. Enthusiast who are looking for quick day hike challenge, climb training, or chill night camp, considers this mountain as one of their options.


Local guides are not required, but advised for beginners especially when the trail gets very muddy. Rate of guideship is Php 400 – Php 500.00 a day for a group. There are also a lot of registration fees collected along both trails. Our group took the New Trail and we encountered three registration areas. The first registration costs us Php 20.00, they said that it will be used for the construction/maintenance of a church in their barangay, the second and third registration area costs Php 30.00 each, they collect these fees so you can pass by their private property. If you are planning to take a traverse from New Trail to Old Trail, prepare for more registration areas along the Old Trail.



Nonetheless, Mt. Batulao is a great and beautiful mountain recommended for those hikers who are looking for a quick day hike adventure with a close range to Manila.






Suggested Itinerary (New Trail)

02:30 AM — Meetup Bus Station
03:00 AM — ETD to Nasugbu, Batangas
05:30 AM — ETA Evercrest
06:00 AM — ETA Trail Head, Start trek
07:00 AM — First Registration (Php 20.00)
08:00 AM — Second Registration (Php 30.00)
08:30 AM — Third Registration (Php 30.00)
09:30 AM — ETA Summit
10:00 AM — Start Descent
12:00 PM — ETA Trail Head, Wash up
01:00 PM — Back to Manila or Sidetrip to Tagaytay, eat Bulalo, buy pasalubong
05:00 PM — ETA Manila

How to get to Mt. Batulao

  • Ride a bus going to Nasugbu, ask the conductor to drop you off to Evercrest Golf Course
    • San Agustin Bus Terminal (Cubao) — Php 135.00
    • DLTB Bus Terminal (Buendia-Taft) — Php 111.00
    • Coastal Mall Terminal (Pasay) — Php 104.00
  • From Evercrest, ride a trike going to the trail head. You can opt not to take the trike but I suggest you ride one because it can be a 1-1.5 hours trek from Evercrest to trail head.
    • Trike — Php 30.00/person


  • DLTB Buendia to Evercrest, Nasugbu, Batangas — Php 111.00/pax (Php 222.00 RT)
  • Trike to trail head (Optional) — Php 30.00/pax (Php 60.00 RT)
  • Guide (Optional) — Php 500.00/12 = Php 45.00*
  • First Registration — Php 20.00
  • Second Registration — Php 30.00
  • Third Registration — Php 30.00

Total expenses:
Php 407.00**

* Php 41.67 rounded off to Php 45.00
** Expected budget for new trail with one guide and rode trikes from Evercrest to trail head round trip. Can be lesser than Php 407.00 if you’ll choose to not to hire a guide and walk from Evercrest to trail head.

Mannquin Challenge at Mt. Batulao

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