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Mt. Daraitan, standing 738+ MASL, is a gem at the heart of the great Sierra Madre mountain range. Just a few hours away from Manila, Mt. Daraitan is one of those mountains that can be climbed in one day. The major jump off is located in Brgy. Daraitan in Tanay Rizal.

With a trail class of 1-3 and difficulty of 4/9, this mountain can be challenging for beginners. Our local guide told us that the trail up to the summit 80%, and he’s somehow right and it get’s harder because it is raining when we get there. The most challenging part of this climb is the descent. We are very careful and cautious on our way down to Tinipak River. The trail is very muddy and slippery that most of us slipped down the trail. Luckily no one was injured.
There’s a mini store located near the way to Tinipak River where we rested for several minutes, drank coffee and ate our trail foods. We also washed our muddy shoes and outfits at the stream flowing down the mountain.

We reached Tinipak River at 3PM. The scenic view of the river, is so rewarding after a 2-3 hours trek down the mountain. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the chance to swim to the river because of the strong current due to the heavy rainfall on the past few days. But luckily, we were able to explore and relax for a short time inside the Tinipak Cave! Just a few minutes spelunking and we reached the pool inside the cave.

After our long walks and tiring ascend and descend from the mountain, we reward ourselves with one of the best Lomi in Daraitan! I think it is really one of the best Lomi I’ve ever tasted, for just 25 pesos.

Planning of doing a day hike at Mt. Daraitan? Here’s our Itinerary for Mt. Daraitan (Day Hike) + Side Trip to Tinipak River and Cave

Suggested Itinerary
0300 — Assembly McDo StarMall Shaw Blvd.
0400 — Take jeepney from EDSA-Shaw to Tanay, Rizal
0530 — ETA Tanay, Rizal. Take jeep to Sampaloc, Tanay (P26)
0615 — ETA Sampaloc, Tanay. Take tricycle to Brgy. Daraitan (P100/person)
0700 — Arrival at Daraitan River. Cross with raft and take trike to barangay hall
0730 — ETA Barangay Hall; Register and secure guides
0800 — Start trek up Mt. Daraitan
1130 — ETA summit. Explore the viewpoints / Lunch
1300 — Start descent to Tinipak River
1500 — Arrival at Tinipak River. Explore the area
1630 — Proceed to Brgy. Daritan via riverside trail
1800 — Head back to Tanay, Rizal via tricycle

Our guide has a friend who happen to have a jeepney, so we ride his jeepney from Daraitan to Tanay for Php 100/person, we saved the fare for Daraitan to Sampaloc

Public (1) Jeep or van, EDSA-Shaw Crossing to Tanay [70-90 pesos; 1.5 hours]
(2) Jeep, Tanay to Sampaloc [26 pesos, 45 minutes) (3)Tricycle, Tanay to Brgy. Daraitan [100 pesos/person; 30 minutes] (4) Raft, Daraitan river [10 pesos; 1 minute] (5) Tricycle, Daraitan river to Brgy. hall [10 pesos/person; 5 minutes] *Alternatively for 1-2, take jeep from Cogeo to Sampaloc *Alternatively for 2-3, if going overnight, take jeep from Tanay to Daraitan that leaves at 1300H and 1500H (and returns from Daraitan to at 0900H and ~1200H) Approximately 3-4 hours travel time because of various stops and delays.

Logbook at the barangay hall of Daraitan. P20 registration fee.

Available, assigned at the barangay hall (500 pesos for the dayhike)

In Tanay, Daranak and Batlag Falls can be visited before visiting Daraitan, especially if you plan to take the regular afternoon jeepney. In Daraitan, Caves and Tinipak River exploration can count as side trips.

Alternate trails
There are hunters’ trails that go deep into the Sierra Madre mountains. One of the nearby peaks, Mt. Lugang, is being considered as another ecotourism site.

Facilities at jumpoff
(+) Sari-sari stores (+) Carinderias / paluto (+) Wash-up / shower places

Estimated budget
500-700 (dayhike)

Contact Numbers:
Head Guide (Willy): 0906 953 3470

For more information please see Pinoy Mountaineer

More photos here

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