Travel Guide: Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola Twin Hike

If you are looking for a chill hike near Metro Manila, San Miguel, Bulacan is the right place for you. Mt. Manalmon and Mt. Gola is best for chill hikers and beginners. You can hike these two mountains half day and then you can explore and go spelunking in Madlum Cave and Bayukbok Caves.

We first hiked Mt. Gola, which almost at the same level as Mt. Manalmon (196+ MASL). We reached the summit in less than 2 hours. It has an easy trail, just need to be careful with sharp rocks. We descended after 30 minutes and the we proceed to Mt. Manalmon.

Mt. Manalmon has more little assaults than Mt. Gola, and it will give you a better view of Mt. Arayat from afar. We reached the summit also in less than 2 hours, took some photos and descended after 30 minutes.

We still have plenty of time because we finished both mountains at around 11 AM. We decided to have lunch first and then we went straight to Bayukbok Cave 1 & 2.

The most challenging part of this adventure is the spelunking. We first explore the Bayukbok Cave 2 because it is a little easier that Bayukbok Cave 1 but cave 2 has more crawling and sliding. Bayukbok Cave 1 is more challenging because there are rappelling and helicopter ladder trails and more crawling and sliding.

After finishing the cave, we descended back to the jump off point and rest, some of us swam to river and crossed the monkey bridge and did some photo ops.

We’ve had so much fun and this adventure is really worth it!

Here’s a suggested itinerary if you are planning to go here for a day trip adventure.

PS: You might want to hire a private van if you are a group of 12-15 members so that you will not have a problem finding a ride back home.

Suggested Itinerary
0300 Cubao – Jollibee (Farmers) (Assembly)
0400 ETD to San Miguel Bulacan
0730 ETA Brgy. Kamias, San Miguel; take tricycle to jump-off
0800 Arrive at jump-off; register and get guides at community
0900 Start trek
1030 ETA summit of Mt. Manalmon; take pictures
1100 Start descent
1200 Back at community; lunch
1300 Visit Madlum and Bayukbok Caves
1530 Swim at Madlum river
1700 Back at jump-off; proceed back to Brgy. Kamias
1740 ETD Manila
2000 ETA Manila

Guides (Required): Php 300.00/Guide/Mountain
Caving: Php 40.00/Pax/Cave
Parking Fee: Php 25.00/Van
Registration Fee: Php 10.00/Pax
Van: Php 5,000/van can accommodate 15-16 pax

Update There’s an additional Php 20.00 fee before you can proceed to the jump off/registration area. This is being mandate by the local officials.

We had 4 guides since we are 32 pax.
4 Guides (Php 300.00 x 2 Mountains) = Php 2,400.00
Php 2,400.00 / 32 Pax = Php 75.00/pax
Additional Php 40.00/pax/cave. Since we visited 2 caves, that would be additional Php 80.00/pax for two caves.
So our total guide fee per pax is Php 155.00

We hired two vans since we are a big group. The price of the van we hired is Php 5,000.00 each, so That would be Php 10,000 for two vans that accommodates 16 pax each.
So, Php 10,000.00/32 = Php 312.50 + the food of the driver (Php 150.00/driver = 300)
Total cost of transportation + Driver meal = Php 325.00*/pax

Grand total of our expenses/pax
Guide Fee + Transportation Fee + Registration Fee = Php 490.00*

Van Contact Number
Van For Hire – +63 906 339 5064

How to get there via public transportation
Take any Cabanatuan-bound bus from Cubao or Pasay (Baliwag Transit, ES Transport, and Five Star Transport).
Tell the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. Sibul, San Miguel, Bulacan. Fare is around P130.
Then from Brgy. Kamias, you can take a tricycle to jumpoff at Brgy Madlum (P200/tricycle, max 4 persons). This trike trip takes 40 minutes.
There are food being sold at the jump off.

Secure a permit at least 5 days before the activity date. You must send your letter of intent with the names and contact numbers of the participants. You can send your request to the following email addresses:
Wait for the reply of the Municipality of San Miguel Bulacan or the Municipal Tourism officer for the approval of your permit or you can call these numbers to follow-up your permit:

0447640154 – Municipal office of San Miguel Bulacan,
09053726148 – Boy Florencio (Municipal Tourism Officer of San Miguel Bulacan)

Please Inform them if your permit has been approved. You can call these numbers to make your arrangements before entering the park:

09195746470 look for Mr. Carlito (tata Carling) Carpio President M.A.D.L.U.M. Inc.
09434440033 look for Mr. Rexel Marketing and Promotion officer M.A.D.L.U.M. Inc.

That is all! Have fun and remember the LNT rule!

Note from the Municipality of San Miguel, Bulacan
As per municipal instruction, minors are not allowed to climb mountains so only those of legal ages will be permitted to climb. Intoxicating drinks are not allowed, and of course dangerous drugs and other illicit substances are strictly prohibited. If there are strong rains or typhoon, the permit issuedis automatically cancelled and deferred to another date for the safet and welfare of all concerned.

Another destination in our place is a part of Biak na Bato National Park accessed through R. Magsaysay National Road going to barangay Biak na Bato. It is a nature heritage and historical place to visit. It has man-made improvements there too. Our local products such as minatamis, i.e. yema, pastilyas, ube, and others are store-available along our highways plus the crispy chicharon. Restaurants can be found also along Cagayan Valley Highway

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  1. Hi, just wanna ask lang, if manggagaling kami ng manila then magcocommute lang..hindi ba kami mahihirapan sumakay pag pauwi kung abutin kami ng gabi?

  2. Hi, need pa ba reservation before magclimb or pwde direkta na pupunta nalang at makakakuha na ng permit? Apat kami. Thanks!

  3. Been there with my family already. The experience was great and I will definitely come back soon! Highly recommended for beginners, even kids can do it!

    I also recommend our tour organizer, Chaty, her entire staff was very accommodating, friendly and helpful. As in from the van drivers to the local guides.


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