Travel Guide: Mt. Maynoba

You don’t have to travel far to see the Sea of Clouds. Just two and a half hours away from Manila, you can already enjoy the view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range with the bonus view of the Sea of Clouds.

Mt. Maynoba (pronounced as May-nu-ba) is relatively new to hikers since it just opened few months ago (early 2016). But due to its sudden popularity boosted by social media, hikers flocked here during weekends which causes human traffic along the trail. I suggest visiting this mountain on a weekday for a less crowded climb, and you’ll surely find peace there.



You have two options, whether to hike both peaks (Cayabu Peak and Maynoba Peak) or just proceed to the summit of Mt. Maynoba. The Cayabu-Maynoba loop can be finished with 3-4 hours depending on your pacing. The steep slope to the summit can be challenging, thought you’ll be rewarded by the breathtaking view of the Sierra Madre Mountain range. As per the Pinoy Mountaineer, the hike difficulty to summit is at 3/9 and 4/9 if you’re going to go with the loop hike. It is best to start your hike as early as possible for you to be able to reach the summit before sunrise and watch the sea of clouds before descending down to the waterfalls.

One must be fully cautious when hiking on the rocky parts of the trail near the waterfalls. Many parts of the trail can be muddy and slippery during rainy seasons.

How to get to Brgy. Cayabu

  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeepney going to Batangasan (You might wait for the seats to be filled before taking off)
  • From Batangasan, ride a trike and tell them to drop you off to Brgy. Cayabu Mt. Maynoba jump off

Expenses and Fees

  • Jeep Cubao to Cogeo — Php 25.00
  • Jeep Cogeo to Batangasan — Php 42.00
  • Trike Batangasan to Jump Off — Php 200.00/Trike (1:4)
  • Registration fee — Php 40.00
  • Guide fee — Php 500.00 (1:5)

Total budget for a group of 5 hikers is Php 374

For inquiries, please text:
Romar – 0929 765 8457 / 0905 973 4256

TIP! Start your trek earlier so you can witness the beauty of the sea of clouds at the summit. The summit area is small, so start your trek early.

Personal opinion about the deemed 8 “Wonder Falls”. I think it’s just an 8-layered falls, (like Payaran Falls [7-Layered Falls]), but you can still visit this falls for experience. Lower your expectations on the water falls. For me it’s better called the “8-Layered Falls” rather than “8-Wonder Falls”

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24 comments on “Travel Guide: Mt. Maynoba”

  1. Hello~!

    I’d like to ask po if we need head lamp or flash light if we start our trek as early as 4 AM? Until what time should we expect to see the sea of clouds?

    Your answer will be greatly appreciated po 🙂

    1. Trek usually starts around 4AM, or earlier. 🙂 And yes, you need headlamps/flashlights para safe. The sea of clouds usually lasts until 8AM, though I recommend you skip the cayabu peak and go straight to Mt. Maynoba, kasi dun mo talaga makikita yung magandang sea of clouds.

      So, always bring headlamps/flash lights kahit saang budok pa yan, and start your trek early.


  2. Hello! My friends and I are thinking of just following your “how to get there” guide 🙂 Would you know what time the jeepney from Cubao to Cogeo and from Cogeo to Batangasan leaves? We heard that the first jeep out to Batangasan might be at 5:30am already and that might make us late for the sea of clouds 🙁

    Thank you!!

    1. Hi! 🙂 The jeepneys can leave as early as 3AM if it gets full by that time. Worst case, it will leave at 4 or 5am. 🙂 If your group is composed of 10-15 persons, you can ask the driver to start his engine and pay for the remaining passengers instead. 🙂

  3. Hi .. Sa starmall ba sa shawboulevard diba may mga jeep and van dun na byahe ng tanay or rizal pwede na kaya kami dun sumakay ng group namin ? Balak kasi namin this january kami aakyat pero hindi namin kabisado ang mga sasakyan namin .
    Thanks sa reply.

    1. Yes pwede, pwede dun sa ridge before final assault to summit, pwede dun sa mismong summit kaso medyo maliit yung camping ground dun, pwede din after nung waterfalls.

      Or pwede nyo itry dun sa newly opened mountain dun, yung Mt. Ayngat, traverse sya from Maynoba, pwede din magCamp dun. 🙂

  4. hello! I just wanna ask if same lang yung itinerary na binigay ng friend ko papuntang brgy. Cayabu.

    from cubao ride a jeepney to Cogeo
    from Cogeo, ride a tricycle to Sampaloc.
    from Sampaloc, ride a tricycle to Brgy. Cayabu.

    ETA departure from Cubao is 3am. would that be ideal?

  5. Hi! Meron po bang parang location to sa google maps or waze, or any near landmark na pwedeng ilagay sa GPS? Using private transpo but not really familiar with Antipolo. Thanks!

  6. sir, i’ve read the threading Q and A. just want to confirm that you wont recommend bringing up sedan car. what about motorbike? thanks.

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