Travel Guide: Mt. Tala Day Hike + Waterfall Side Trip

Another mountain has recently been opened for hikers, a relatively new day hike destination that nature lovers have to add to their mountain bucket list. Mt. Tala, standing about 567 meters-above-sea-level, offers a 360 view of the Sierra Madre mountain range plus a bonus experience of the Sea of Clouds.


Our team left Manila at around 1:30AM and arrived at the extraction point at 3:30AM. We should cross 3-4 rivers to be able to reach the jump off point, since our van can’t do such river crossing, we decided to park our van near Mt. Maynoba jump off point and then hired a jeepney to bring us to Brgy. Mamuyao. It was a 20-30 minute ride from Brgy. Cayabu to Brgy. Mamuyao.


At the registration office, we presented the permit we requested a week before our scheduled hike, filled out a form, paid registration fee, and acquired some guides. Before starting our trek, we were oriented by the tourism officials about what to’s and what not’s then proceeded with our trek.


We started our trek before 4:30AM. It was a 2-hour trek to the summit, passing through rivers, bridges, and a lot of deep mud, not to mention the rich number of limatiks sucking our blood (lol). We reached the summit at around 6:30AM, spent 30 minutes – 1 hour appreciating and enjoying the 360 view on the top of the summit. At around 7:30AM, we started our trek going to Mararaot falls, which is just 1 hour away from Mt. Tala summit.


We reached Mararaot Falls by 8:30AM, from there we had our brunch. It was our friend, Mia’s birthday so we brought a lot of food. We sang her a birthday song and munch our food together with our awesome guides.





We decided to go back to the barangay to get our bags and log out because we would like to be able to reach Palo Alto resort by 3PM. There are two other falls along the trails of Mt. Tala, but we decided to skip it to chill and spend the rest of the day at Palo Alto waterfalls, just few hours away from Mamuyao.


At the registration area, we were asked to provide some comments and suggestions on where they can improve the quality of their service to the people hiking the mountains. We weren’t able to give on because our experience was flawless. The guides and the officials are accommodating and they’ll make sure that you are safe going up and down the mountain.


We left the barangay by 1PM and went back to our van parked at Brgy. Cuyambay. On our way to Palo Alto, we stop and buy food at Cafe Katerina, one of the famous stop overs in Tanay. At 3PM, we reached Palo Alto and ate the food we bought. It was a very awesome experience, enjoying the cold waterfall, and celebrating our friends birthday with our wonderful friends.





It was indeed an exhilarating experience, and it was one awesome day that we will never forget. Till our next adventure team!


How to get to Mt. Tala

  • First, secure a permit one week before the actual trek. No permit no climb policy is strictly observe with this mountain. You can contact Mr. Perdrito Campus to arrange your permit. He can also provide you vehicle/jeepney that you will need in order to reach the jump off point from the extraction point (river crossing).
  • From Cubao, ride a jeepney going to Cogeo
  • From Cogeo, ride a jeepney going to Batangasan (You might wait for the seats to be filled before taking off)
  • From Batangasan, ride a trike and tell them to bring you off to Brgy. Mamuyao Mt. Tala jump off

Suggested (Chill) Itinerary

01:00 AM Assembly
02:00 AM Depart to Tanay, Rizal
04:00 AM ETA extraction point, head to jump off point.
4:30 AM ETA Sto. Nino-Mamuyao junction
5:00 AM ETA Jump off point (Bgy Mamuyao)
5:30 AM Start trek
6:45 AM ETA Manipo falls
7:45 AM ETA Makiwit falls
09:00 AM ETA Mt. Tala Summit, 598 MASL
09:30 AM Start descent, traverse to Mararaot falls
10:30 AM ETA Mararaot falls, lunch
12:00 NN Start descent
03:00 PM ETA Jump off point
04:00 PM ETA Extraction point
05:30 PM ETD Manila
07:00 PM ETA Manila

Note: This itinerary is deviced if you have beginners trekking with you. You can finish the trail early depending on your pace. We’ve had a different itinerary since have to get to Palo Alto by 3PM.


Jeep Cubao to Cogeo — Php 25.00
Jeep Cogeo to Batangasan — Php 42.00
Trike Batangasan to Jump Off — Php 200.00/person (Not yet confirmed)
Registration fee — Php 40.00
Guide fee — Php 500.00 (1:5)
If you will be renting a jeep, that would be Php 6,500 from Cogeo to Brgy. Mamuyao (2-way)
Brgy. Cayabu to Brgy. Mamuyao — Php 80.00
Palo Alto entrance Fee — Php 100.00


  • Best if you will be hiking with a group of 10 or more to lessen your expenses.
  • The jump off point is almost 1 hour away from the extraction point which the cheapest way is to rent a jeep from Cogeo to Brgy. Mamuyao.
  • Contact Mr. Pedrito Campus so you can request your permit and arrange your transportation if you don’t have vans or monster vehicles that can do multiple river crossings.
  • If you have vans, better if you’ll park it to the nearby barangays because there’s no secure parking lots near the extraction point.
  • You can ask Mr. Pedrito to arrange you a jeepney that can fetch you from Brgy. Cayabu (where you will park your vehicle) to Brgy. Mamuyao

Hiking Concern

  • There’s presence of limatik so be prepared, bring alcohol or any ointment that can prevent them from sticking to your body and suck your blood.
  • Trail is super muddy when wet so wear shoes that are appropriate with this kind of situation.

Contact Numbers

Mr. Pedrito Campus
Smart: 09193265454
TM: 09263652353

Photos courtesy of Eric Muños

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